Is HubSpot Too Expensive?


Why is HubSpot so expensive

If HubSpot is expensive, it is in the eyes of beholders who are not aware of its worth.

A typical marketing team needs different marketing technologies and tools to accomplish different tasks. Therefore, these marketing technologies and tools are referred to as a mar-tech stack.

For instance, Mail Chimp helps you in email marketing. Salesforce assists you in tracking sales activity. WordPress provides hosting services, and Zendesk manages customer service.

In the usual scenario, companies are investing in martech stack to accomplish their tasks manually or through automation. However, their struggle does not end with investment. It gets complex when more different tools enter the stack and create issues in smooth integration.

Here HubSpot enters the scene.

HubSpot is made up of all tools from the ground. It means it has integration built-in. So, for instance, if the marketing hub is creating contact data, the sales and service hub both will use them and even update them or add it.

If HubSpot claims itself to be an all-in-one solution, it is here.

Aims behind Hubs Tools to Accomplish Aims
The Marketing hub aims to attract customers: Marketing Attract Marketing software to increase traffic and eventually leads.AutomationBlogChat & ChatbotEmailLanding PagesSEOWebsite Analytics
The Sales hub aims to engage the customers: Sales Engage Software for closing deals rapidly.Deal PipelinesQuotationsSales Team Activity ManagementSales EmailsCalendar ManagementFile Hosting
The Service hub aims to delight the customers: Service Delight Software to offer top-level customer service/experience.Customer TicketingKnowledge-BaseLive ChatOnboardingTicket Routing


What Is With Price?

Everyone around us says, “Yes, we like HubSpot, but it is too expensive.”

Do you ever use SaaS (Software as a Service) products? We have. We pay for it with just one or two functionalities.

However, compared to other SaaS products, HubSpot is altogether different because it is on the top of its Hubs; it is bolted together with extra offerings.

For instance,

Plans Starter Professional Enterprise
Marketing Hub Start at $50/Mo for 1 K marketing contacts Start at $890/Mo for 5 K marketing contacts Start at $3,200/Mo for 10 K marketing contacts
Sales Hub $50/mo for two users $500/mo for five users $1,200/mo for ten users
Service Hub $50/mo for two users $400/mo for five users $1,200/mo for ten users
CMS Hub $25/mo $400/mo $1,200/mo

Note: When you select a bundle of all, you will get a whopping 25% discount on the total price.

Keeping these plans in mind, we dig deep into each feature we use and compare them with equivalent other 3rd party software available in the market.


Automation & Workflow:

You will recognize the real power of HubSpot when you think of automating your business workflow using its automation and workflow features. With HubSpot, you will cohort your sales and marketing team working on a single platform/software.

When considering the immediate competition for HubSpot within the automation software market, AutopilotHQ emerges as a top contender. Regarding its cost, it varies from $49 to $249 monthly.


Chat Widget & Chatbot:

In the mobile era, Chat is an essential component of the service. It enables the business to come in direct touch with the prospects and create interactive communication, which is highly fruitful in the end.

Moreover, Chatbot is an AI-powered solution that gives an additional edge in support services round-the-clock.

Here, immediate competitors for HubSpot are Live Chat and Drift. Live Chat costs $33 to $55 per seat per month, whereas Drift costs $50 to $500 per month.


Customer Knowledge Base:

A customer knowledge base is a part of the Service Hub in HubSpot. It comes with HubSpot’s ticketing system integrated with CRM in a bundle.

If you look at 3rd party software, Zendesk is the ultimate competitor of HubSpot in this area, and it costs $75 per month per seat/agent.


Email Marketing:

In HubSpot, you can send emails to 10K contacts per month or 10x of your full contacts. It is enough for most users.

The closest equivalent of HubSpot is Mail Chimp in the email marketing arena. However, it costs you $74.99 per month in its essential plan.


Landing Page Design:

It is a part of the Marketing Hub in the HubSpot and is available in the professional plan. You can create 1K landing pages and deploy them in your marketing campaign. The most interesting thing is drop-and-drag functionality in the creation/designing process.

The closest competitor of HubSpot in this area is ClickFunnels. It costs $290 per month in its Platinum plan. Another one is Unbounce, which costs $399 per month in its Enterprise plan.


Sales CRM:

The sales team always runs after a functional CRM solution to house all consumer data, track sales activities, and obtain reports on a daily basis. Sales Hub in HubSpot has everything an ideal CRM should have.

The closest competitor of HubSpot is Salesforce. However, it costs $75 to $150 per month to meet all requirements.


Sales Sequence Email:

Personalized, step-based automated emails, or email sequences, are highly desired features for successful email marketing. They can expand reach and save time for the sales team. HubSpot offers email sequences with the ability to incorporate personalized marketing videos that integrate smoothly with built-in meeting links.

The closest allies of HubSpot in this area are Calendly, Docsend, and Their charges, respectively, are:

Calendly – $8 to $29 per month per user
Docsend – $45 per month per user – $50 per month per user

Now, think about what is a cheaper alternative.


In the End,

Do you want to accumulate different software for different purposes and create integration chaos? Or invest in a single platform and buy peace of mind?

If the latter option is your choice, HubSpot is never so expensive. Moreover, RP UXCollab is a legitimate HubSpot consultant for you to guide you righteously.

When you buy HubSpot as a bundle, you will realize how expensive a technology stack is in the end.


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