12 Compelling Reasons to Choose HubSpot for Your Website


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We often receive inquiries for website development for various industries or business domains. Most of our patrons are tech-savvy and aware of multiple website-building technologies. So, naturally, we ask them their preferences over web development technologies or platforms when they interact with us.

Therefore, the marketing team at RP UXCollab knows the preferences of their clients. In their view, nearly 60% of clientele prefer HubSpot as their choice of website building platform or technology.

The figure is impressive and compels us to dig deeper into the reason behind the popularity of HubSpot over other CMS platforms for building websites.

I have listed the top ten reasons our clientele loves HubSpot the most.


Reason #1 – Smart or Dynamic Content

HubSpot is known for offering dynamic pages that source their content from a structured database, known as (HubDB), and update it based on various contexts. Ideal uses for these dynamic pages include event calendars, product catalogs, resource libraries, and employee directories, which are examples of smart content.


Reason #2 – Completely SEO-friendly Platform

HubSpot has the following tools and features that render it an SEO-friendly platform.

  • HubSpot Website Grader: It generates personalized reports based on the key criteria, such as responsive web design, performance, SEO, and security.
  • SEO Recommendation Tool: It recommends using the best SEO practices while optimizing web pages.
  • Optimize Panel: It flags a variety of SEO issues before you publish the web page or post.
  • SEO Resources: Free SEO resources are available, including templates, kits, guides, and eBooks.
  • SEO Training & Courses: The platform offers HubSpot Academy, a training and courses providing section. It also provides SEO training and courses.


Reason #3 – Custom Theme Building Tools

A theme is portable and contains an asset collection for developers in HubSpot. You can create themes using HubSpot CLI. Developers use a design system for content management for content creators.

hubspot structure

[Source: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/cms/building-blocks/themes]

Themes make the work of HubSpot developers or designers easy by saving them from the labor and time of creating a website from scratch. So select them, customize them, and get going!


Reason #4 – Drag-n-Drop UI Editor

Drag-n-drop UI editor is a distinct feature in HubSpot that makes it superior to its website CMS builder competitors. The drag-n-drop area consists of modules as the building blocks for website content. When you arrange these modules horizontally, they become rows and vertically column. When you group these modules or their rows and columns, you create sections.


Reason #5 – Adaptive Testing

When we design something or run a marketing or sales campaign, our small changes amplify loudly in results at the end. It is tough to measure the results of those changes in a normal course. HubSpot offers experimental tools to test it in logical ways.

The testing tools are adaptive in nature and work automatically while you configure them. Adaptive testing is possible for website pages and landing pages of your campaigns.


Reason #6 – Custom Reporting

Custom reporting offers flexibility in analyzing your activities and objects in HubSpot. You can create different types of reports in HubSpot based on your requirements. For instance,

  • Single object reports
  • Funnel reports
  • Custom report builder
  • Contact attributes reports
  • The deal creating attributes reports
  • Revenue attributes reports


Reason #7 – Conversational Bot

It is a chat widget on frontend pages. It facilitates users/visitors to begin a conversation with a web admin or a team. In addition, it assists in qualifying leads, booking meetings, automated responses to various queries, and creating support tickets.


Reason #8 – Seamless Integration

HubSpot serves as a content optimization system (COS), featuring a content management system (CMS) and a customer relationship management (CRM) system as its primary components. These tools are integral to the core architecture and are developed in tandem with the platform. As a result, they offer seamless integration and operate on a unified database management system, HubDB.


Reason #9 – Unified Database

HubDB is a unified database in the core of HubSpot. You can retrieve data from HubDB through its API to any system within HubSpot. It means it is the top of Sales Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, Operation Hub, and CMS Hub.


Reason #10 – Out-of-Box Security

HubSpot offers end-to-end data security, privacy, and control. It takes various measures, such as infrastructural security, customer data protection, application protection, organizational security, and compliance with international security standards/codes.


Reason #11 – Super Fast

HubSpot has built-in capacities to manage various performance issues, such as

  • It has CDN with image optimization and automatic image conversion into WebP format.
  • HTTP2
  • JS and CSS minification
  • Caching on browsers and server
  • Prerendering
  • Domain rewriting
  • Brotli compression with feedback to GZIP compression
  • HubSpot blog posts support AMP


Reason #12 – Round-the-Clock Support

HubSpot support is available in various ways:

  • Chat support
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Community support
  • Knowledge Base support


How Will You Gain These Benefits?

We have seen that HubSpot is a beneficial web design and development solution in the market. What you need is an expert and experienced team of HubSpot developers at your side to gain these listed benefits in your next website design and development project using HubSpot.

I recommend RP UXCollab as a renowned HubSpot website design and development agency in the USA. Check their landing page for more information.


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