Maximizing Landing Page Performance: Tips and Techniques for HubSpot Users


Maximizing Landing Page Performance: Tips and Techniques for HubSpot Users

The ultimate aim of creating a landing page is to increase the scope of capturing leads. That is why the structure and layout of the landing page are distraction-free and focus only on one thing: conversion.


Landing Page Best Practices:

HubSpot offers all tools needed to create a robust landing page for your business. However, you should have enough knowledge of the best practices of landing pages before jumping on the board. Those best landing page practices are:

1. Title: Write the landing page headline that focuses on purpose first and audience later. That is a surefire way to acknowledge who your audience is and what your goal is in creating the landing page.

2. Image: Similarly, include one or more images that describe your message of placing the offer on the landing page. Image is a mandatory element, as it represents the thing better than you can do with texts.

3. Copywriting: Now, it is time to keep the promise/s you have made in your headline by writing a compelling copy.

4. Lead form placement: Place the lead form above the fold so it can capture the immediate attention of your visitors/prospects by avoiding scrolling the page.

5. CTA: Write effective CTA texts and create a CTA button that stands out in the design.

6. Offer: Make a relevant request like give away something useful. You are making an offer in exchange for their personal info, which is important for you to create a personalized experience on your next visit.

7. Ask essential Info: Ask only crucial info to your prospects to avoid the creation of distrust and security-related issues.

8. No navigation: Remover all navigation schemes from the landing page to avoid potential distractions.

9. Responsive web design: Most of the traffic comes through mobile devices. So, create a mobile-friendly responsive web design to attract a wide range of audiences from different devices.

10. Thank you page: Create a thank you page in response to submitting the form by the visitors. It gives another opportunity to create conversations with your prospects.


Landing Page Structure:

We have seen the landing page’s best practices. Now, it is time to think of the landing page structure. First, let’s see what is essential to create a landing page.

We will see some significant elements of a landing page, such as:

  • The headline
  • A relevant image
  • A lead form
  • A CTA
  • The copy and description

The rule of thumb is that you can include as much as possible that can convert your prospects into customers.


Landing Page Layout:

We know most readers go through skimming the content instead of reading the content word by word. To ease their eyes in skimming, you can make the following changes in your content layout.

  • Keep significant info above the fold. It grabs the immediate attention of readers.
  • Your visitors should read or get your core message within a blink of an eye (within five seconds). So, take the blink test.
  • Balance use of white spaces results in a clean and crisp landing page layout.
  • Enhance readability by using short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Help the reader skim the content by using bullets and a lot of sub-headings.
  • Write your copy in F-pattern.
landing page layout


Landing Page Colors:

The colors you use in your website reflect the personality of your website and offer branding opportunities. If you create a color theme and use it as your prime branding element, people will remember that color combination, logo, and unique design on your website. In short, a color theme builds trust in your branding and gives you long-term advantages in your marketing.

landing page colors


Landing Page Images:

We know Google ranks pages based on the images in them. Therefore, you must create unique photos for your landing page. The prime purpose of illustration is to convey your marketing message. So, you need to select the relevant image for your landing page.


Landing Page CTA:

There are some best CTA practices, such as:

Opt for vibrant and contrasting colors for your CTA button to ensure it pops against the background. Keep your CTA copy concise, no more than five words, and focused on your customers’ benefits. Incorporating action verbs in your CTA copy is advisable.

Give your CTA enough white spaces around it. So, design can take a breath. Test your CTA button’s shape, copy, and colors with different combinations.

landing page CTA


Who Will Create Your Landing Pages?

HubSpot is renowned for its ability to create top-notch landing pages and seamlessly integrate them with your marketing campaign through dynamic content. Therefore, it’s essential to engage a specialized HubSpot landing page development agency that can fulfill your needs effectively and affordably.

RP UXCollab is a leading name in the HubSpot landing page development niche, and it offers the best quality at the best price tags. Moreover, they have a talented pool of HubSpot designers and developers with adequate experience in landing page development. Let’s try them!


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