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Be A Part of Our Remote Team

Welcome to Revival Pixel. We cordially invite you to join our team to make it more strong, more creative, and more cooperative. Working at Revival Pixel means taking on design challenges, learning new skills, and yielding success. We don’t offer a mere rhetoric job but a career to unleash your creativity and potential.

Perks & Benefits

We know our employees dedicate their precious time, creativity, and efforts to achieving success for our company. In return, we would like to compensate them with some decent perks & benefits, such as…

Work From Anywhere

We are flexible in granting work location. Be it your home or office; you can sit with your gadgets and a network connection and join our remote team. So you can enjoy your personal and professional moments at once, undisputed.

Employee Friendly Policy

Seek leaves, paid leaves, and other employee-friendly policies make us distinct in the industry. We always think of improving our employees and remaining flexible while granting them essential benefits.

Learning & Development

Being with a team of growth mindset people, a mentor, and adequate learning resources. All seem joyous to a growth-hungry mind, and we willingly provide all to our aspiring team. Come & join.


We evaluate the performance of our employees on a continuous basis. We have schemes to reward good characteristics and deeds of our employees. We love to inspire good performance through appropriate rewards at different times and occasions.

Incentive Opportunities

We provide growth incentive opportunities to each aspirant. In our organization, they will grow in terms of titles along with salaries. We offer lucrative incentives to hard workers and a dedicated team as a whole.

Team Building

We offer continuous training, regular seminars/webinars, workshops, and events to foster team building culture. In addition, we appreciate good teamwork by declaring various rewards and incentives for individual members as well as to the entire team.

Open Positions

We are actively looking for result-oriented talents that are striving for growth, leave impacts on the world, and are passionate & innovative thinkers in their fields. At present, we have open positions for the following posts.

Business Development Executive


HubSpot CMS Developer


Front-end Developer


UX/UI Designer



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