Discover the Best of HubSpot: Top 10 Themes for Your Website


HubSpot Designer’s Dilemma What Are The Top 10 HubSpot CMS Themes

What Are HubSpot Themes?

A HubSpot theme is a set of files for your website design. It consists of coded templates, modules, global content, and style settings for creating a website.
Coded templates: They include homepage, landing page about us page, and blog templates.
Modules: A set of containers to add content using the theme.
Global content: The content repeats on multiple pages in the header or footer.
Style settings: The settings for fonts, color, spacing, etc.


Why Do We Need Themes in HubSpot?

To Save Time:

Creating a website from scratch means going through a laborious and daunting process of prototyping, design, coding, testing, etc.

Working with a theme means adding only texts, images, and videos in a theme and set styles of your taste, Voila…done!

To Get Ease in Customization:

You can customize fonts, colors, spaces, and other styling elements to match your branding or taste. It lets you stand out from the crowd and show a unique perspective.

To Obtain High Quality:

You can get high quality design and programming using the best standards of a quality website.


What Are The Top 10 HubSpot CMS Themes?

#1 – Professional Services HubSpot Theme: Clean Pro

Clean pro-1
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is Totally customizable (colors, buttons, fonts, EVERYTHING).
  • It includes Mega-Menu Options.
  • It Looks amazing on mobile devices.
  • It is Loaded with video options.


#2 – Marketing HubSpot Theme: Regal Core

regal  core 2
  • No Coding Skill Required.
  • It is Highly Customizable.
  • Clean Coding.
  • It has a Custom Module Implemented.
  • It is Developed Exclusively In-House Only.
  • Cross-Browser Compatible.
  • Adaptive Design.
  • It is SEO Friendly.


#3 – Technology HubSpot Theme: Power Pro

  • Design the ultimate Mega Menu.
  • Do more with Image Boxes.
  • It showcases your features with Comparison Tables.
  • It Create an interactive Guide or Quiz.


#4 – 100% Modular Marketing HubSpot Theme: Sprocket Rocket

sprocket rocket-1
  • It is Backed by fast and friendly support when you need it.
  • The Sprocket Rocket App – a visual page layout builder.
  • It builds pages fast: simply stack, swap, and publish.
  • Proven modules and page templates help you win.
  • It include All the tools to build amazing web pages, no developer required.


#5 – SaaS Software HubSpot Theme: Atlas Pro

Atlas pro 2
  • It has an On-scroll animation library.
  • It includes Advanced modules – Pricing comparison, language switcher & timeline.
  • It Build a high-performing product site with no code using intuitive building blocks designed specifically for SaaS.


#6 – Growing Business HubSpot Theme: Hatch

  • It updates branding at once on a single page.
  • It is Optimized for SPEED.
  • It Module-level Design Customizations.
  • It has Theme settings: easily update brand colors, fonts, font sizes, logos, and spacing.


#7 – Marketing HubSpot Theme: Drive | Drag-And-Drop 

  • Design, build and manage your website without code using HubSpot’s new drag-and-drop website editor.
  • The Drive Theme is mobile responsive and renders perfectly across all devices and browsers.


#8 – Small Business HubSpot Theme: Clean Lite

Clean lite-1
  • It is perfect for those who need a very basic website.
  • It has a Basic Pricing Table.
  • It includes a Logo Scroller.
  • It comes with Featured Testimonials.


#9 – Professional Services HubSpot Theme: ProX Premium

Pro x Premium
  • ProX is looking beautiful on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to tablets. It’s all pixel perfect.
  • With the ProX theme, you can create a great looking, powerful website, all without extra help from an expensive agency or developer.
  • It gives High performance.
  • It is Extremely Customizable.


#10 – Marketing HubSpot Theme: MojoFlex

Mojo flex-1
  • It comes with the Homepage Feature Module.
  • It also includes Form Modules.
  • Customizable Modules.
  • It has Styled CTAs.


Where Will You Find HubSpot Theme Design Team?

RP UXCollab is home to the HubSpot theme design and development team, boasting over 8 years of experience in UI and UX design. They also provide a specialized service for designing exclusive HubSpot themes from the ground up.


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