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Will You Recommend Migration from WordPress CMS to HubSpot CMS?


WordPress has ruled over the web for years as an open-source CMS solution for creating websites. Myriads of free to paid themes and plugins have made the platform rich in meeting any customization scale.

Of course, it is open-source, so source code is free and customizable, but when you get going on the platform by starting premium themes and plugins, it costs dearly.

Today, my main point is to place some eye-opening facts about WordPress and HubSpot CMS platforms. So, you can make a wise decision for your next aspiring CMS-based website development project.


Product Type



  • HubSpot is a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product. It means you do not need to find suitable hosting and spend some bucks every year.
  • Moreover, it frees you from hosting-related worries.
  • It offers a GUI-based website builder that saves you from a lot of coding.



  • It is an open-source platform, so you need to download the source code and install it on your hosting service.
  • It requires coding, and you have to deal with code every step.



Expense HubSpot WordPress
Core Starter: $25/mo
Pro: $400/mo
Enterprise: $1,200/mo
Hosting Premium hosting with a single monthly rate. No impacts on size, volume, and traffic. Basic plans start from $50/mo, and the premium goes up to $1000/mo.
Themes & Plugins CMS Hub has 650+ apps and integration. 80% of plugins come out-of-box. User interface-based design lets you create your themes. Twenty-four of the most popular and essential plugins are premium and cost you $280 to $1240 per month. Similarly, themes also are costly.
Security SSL certificateWAF (Web Application Firewall)Round-the-clock monitoring. Security fees may range from $16 to $42 per month. Moreover, security is your responsibility.
Support & Maintenance The platform takes care of updates and backend maintenance. In addition, they are famous for their world-class support team available 24/7. The support and maintenance plans range from $100/mo to $4500/mo, depending on the size and complexities of the website.
Total/year $300 to $14,400 $5,450 to 82,550


Content Development & Publishing



HubSpot is a built-in integrated platform. So, its CMS Hub is integrated with Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs. As a result, it offers unprecedented advantages in content marketing where your marketing campaigns are thoroughly integrated with content creation, publishing, and marketing.

It is the biggest advantage of an all-in-one platform where you can play with a single and unified database on the top.

Moreover, thousands of themes and templates are available on the platform. You can easily create, delete, and modify pages with the drag-n-drop layout.



Almost all out-of-box themes are paid, and you have to pay a developer to create your custom themes.

For content creation and publishing, you also want an experienced hand or a developer.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization):



  • SEO recommendation tool
  • On-page SEO tools are built-in to the blogs.
  • Landing pages and web page creation tools.
  • Content and website optimization tools.
  • Built-in integration of Google Console to do strategy creation.


Tons of plugins are available to SEO properly, but they come at a price because most out-of-box SEO plugins are good at premium editions. Moreover, more plugins mean more maintenance and load over the server.




It allows content creators to attract, engage, and convert the readers into your prospects and eventually into loyal customers. In addition, the platform facilitates content creation optimized to search engines and helps you get good traffic and leads.


Originally, WordPress evolved as a blogging platform and grew as a full CMS. Therefore, it has everything needed for blogging but in the form of plugins and themes, which are costly in the long run. Moreover, you need a developer to create and maintain the blog.




It offers built-in and powerful analytic tools to get insights and actionable data because it builds on top of CRM. Your forms, interactive pages, and live chat accumulate contacts and other data to obtain advanced analytics.


It has the capability of integrating superb analytic software, but they come as paid components, and you have to spend extra on it.



If you are serious about running a business with a CMS solution for the long run, HubSpot is worth spending money on. Its CMS Hub beats WordPress CMS in many respects, and we consider it the best solution for SMBs who aspire to grow.

RP UXCollab is a renowned HubSpot CMS service provider in the USA and globally. You can get good guidance over CMS migration to HubSpot from their experts.


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