12 Top UX/UI Design Trends for 2022


UI Design Trends for 2022

What would impact the UI/UX design trends in 2022? Well, this could be a year when things may become ‘normal,’ but that is likely to be somewhat a different normal still. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed how things work across the digital domain. While we remained at home, we could connect, meet and create still; however, in a slightly new and different way. Zoom video meetings are a norm now, and operating a business through a real-world and virtual balance has become sophisticated and common.

More of us now are leveraging digital services. As per recent Website Rating statistics, an average web user spends about 6 hours 43 minutes online per day. And, with UI design heading forward to offer new usability levels, it has become significant to ensure that your website is up-to-date with the never-ending changes and users’ needs. So, what will this year’s UX/UI trend look like?

 In this blog, we will look at the top UI/UX design trends for 2022.




Source: Muhajirul Faqih

The term NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a unique aspect of Blockchain technology that has gained popularity in the market. It is primarily utilized to verify ownership of digital designs. Monetizing your designs through NFTs is considered a safe and secure method.




Source: Herdetya Priambodo

A metaverse is a place parallel to our physical world, where you can spend your digital life. It is a 3D simulation world where everyone has an avatar and they interact with 3D simulated objects. So, your web design would have a place in Metaverse and you can reap all benefits just like you do in the real world.




Source: Mikołaj Gałęziowski

Glassmorphism design is about to give the impression of frosted glass. here UI design emphasizes light or dark objects, placed on top of colorful backgrounds. the background blur is placed on the object which allows the background to shine through.

Glassmorphism creates a layered effect that establishes both a visual hierarchy and depth within the interface. Although this trend has existed since 2013, it was the background blur effects in iOS 7 that popularized it in the market.




Source: Ramy Wafaa

The term emphasis is self-explanatory. It tells about the part of the design that catches the viewer’s attention. artists use color contrast, increasing the size of the shape, or increasing the area of white space around the object. These are the ways we can do emphasis design.

in the web design niche, emphasis on design helps artists to create a focal point or main subject of the web design. it gives the design an eye direction. Today, web designers are using emphasis design in a lot of instances.



Source: Jordan Hughes

The split-screen website design has gone on to become a thing and continues to grow. A major reason it is a UI design trend for 2022 is that web design should fit mobile devices. As more and more people use mobile devices these days, a web design like this keeps emerging. 

A split-screen divides the interface into two distinct content panels, which collapse vertically on smaller mobile devices. This design approach ensures content is adaptable across various devices while maintaining an appealing appearance.

Several split-screen web designs now feature side-by-side displays that’re similar. That can highlight the significance of the bigger item, especially on the new-age mobile devices.  


Virtual Reality

virtual reality

Source: Adhiari Subekti

In 2022, web designers should switch to more modern technology than usual images. For instance, Virtual Reality (VR) lets you combine digital and real worlds into a single design, as per the recent UI trends. One needs to be prepared to indulge in a new field where VR forms a part of the website design process. Things are rapidly changing, so it’s best to acquire the right skillset now. The faster you include the latest UI/UX design trends in your web design, the better your stand will be in the market against your competitors. 


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Source: Maulana Farhan

To completely engage a viewer to a web page, you need to incorporate physical interactions rather than just a screen interface. And Augmented Reality makes that possible. Both Apple and Google have launched their Augmented Reality or AR development platforms, which blend the physical and digital worlds. 

Augmented Reality lets users see the digital objects of things in real world. That can drastically enhance their user experience. For instance, IKEA uses Augmented Reality to help customers place a piece of furniture at whatever place they like and see if it looks good before purchasing it. That makes their shopping experience more convenient and depicts a UI/UX design trend that will continue in 2022.


More Text

more text

Source: Dhimas Rasyad

Generally, when something new is evolving rapidly, we all, at one point, tend to check out the usual old basics. Here, we are talking about text, an emerging UI design trend.

The UI/UX design trends for 2022 get back stacked headlines alongside some images and text as a featured facet. That trend can look great only with the correct topography. Besides, it also offers a lot of information to the users at first glance itself. But, if this is not done correctly, it might turn into an absolute failure. 

For example, you can use a heavier text layout or design in a triple-stacked headline format on your website’s homepage. The text size here is much smaller in contrast to the famous oversized fonts. Remember, all that a user wants is to clearly read out the text you place there.


Use of more 3D elements over photos

3D element over photo

Source: Tran Mau Tri Tam

Illustrations now are being more liked by users than just an image. It can be said for certain that the usage of 3-dimensional graphics will soon become more popular. 

Several tools are making 3D illustrations appear in the market. And web designers are enhancing their skillset and learning to create 3D images for sites. 

Besides, you can also consider using 3D animations. Animations, sure, used to be a matter of concern for several designers as they might slow down the website or app loading speed. But, the successful trials of 5G technology, a higher loading time doesn’t seem like a hindrance. With greater speed, the users can enjoy access to applications, documents, files, including the 3D animations, sans much waiting and delay.


Optimization for different screen sizes and pixels


Source: Dribbble

A web designer needs to develop interfaces that fit varied screen pixels and sizes. Apart from the common resolution size of 1280x, 1024x, 768x, and 480x, designers now need to deal with wearable devices, tablets, mobile devices, foldable devices, desktops, laptops, small screens, large screens, and TV.

Starting 2022, web designers will have to design as well as optimize for more screen pixels and sizes. This UI/UX design trend will probably stay with the launch of more new devices and products, starting from in-car displays to VR and AR devices.


Creating apps for bigger screens


Source: Goutham

As if screen pixels and sizes aren’t enough, Google wants to prepare apps for big screens, especially the desktops. Google has expanded the adaptive capabilities of its design system Material to get apps prepared for all the form factors.

App designers, so far, have majorly focused on smartphones while designing the interfaces for an app. However, as a vital UI/UX trend for 2022, it’s time to consider adapting designs for bigger screens like desktops and foldable devices. 




Source: Ted Kulakevich

Last but not the least, do not overcomplicate things. In your attempt to implement interactive trends, you might simply land up overdoing it. So, stop and analyze your website thoroughly. Maybe you could simplify your website design a little. 

This does not mean that you should avoid other trends. The key objective of your UI/UX design should be to make the interaction process simple for the user. And that can be achieved by simplifying your site’s current functionality. It’s about time that you’d see everyone trying to maintain simplicity and minimalism. 



We have just entered another fascinating year for UI/UX. It’s now closely associated with user experience and enhancement in technologies. Remember, design keeps changing, but its meaning stays the same always. If you cannot get hold of what it truly is, none of the trends will be able to help you. 

So, to satisfy customer needs and provide them with the best user experience, make sure to keep pace with the changes in the web design industry by connecting with top website designers around.


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