How Chat GPT Bolsters Your UI & UX Design Process


How Chat GPT Bolsters Your UI & UX Design Process

What Is Chat GPT?

We have good news for the UI & UX designer community: Chat GPT is an AI-assisted tool for designers. This news might have made you curious about Chat GPT; what is Chat GPT?

The full form of Chat GPT is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a subset of AI technology, NLP (Natural Language Processing). In short, it is a pre-trained module of a vast data set of human conversation.

It is developed by an Open AI company working in AI technologies. Chat GPT can generate human-like responses to user input in different contexts.


Automate Your Advanced UX Tasks Using Chat GPT.

We have depicted almost a couple of dozen UX tasks that Chat GPT can help a designer accomplish their design.

Automate Writing

You might be familiar with the capabilities of Grammarly in proofreading. However, chat GPT is incredible in writing content in perfect contexts and providing the copy from the right perspective. For instance, it can help you write the following copy.

  • Write an introduction email.
  • Write copy options for a download button for an ecommerce website.
  • Write a survey questionnaire about onboarding.
Automate Advanced UX Tasks Using Chat GPT.


Searching: Automate Searching Answers to the Most Basic Questions

When we seek information on an unfamiliar topic or question, we typically turn to the SERP pages of Google or Bing. However, with Chat GPT, there’s no need to visit a search engine; simply ask your voice assistant equipped with Chat GPT for instant answers. For example, if you inquire, “What are the best practices for designing (something)?”, you may receive a detailed response that outlines the optimal design approach for your specific situation. Chat GPT can also provide solutions to various other queries you might have.

  • What are the common concerns when doing mobile app UI design?
  • What are the best practices for designing a voice interface?
  • What design patterns work for location-aware school bus transportation?

Warning! Chat GPT can generate incorrect output, and you will hardly realize it, so do believe everything it generates.

Automate Advanced UX Tasks Using Chat GPT. (1)


Research: Desk Research with Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an excellent tool for desk research projects because it beautifully provides solutions to the most common queries. For instance, when you ask about the flight experience between London and New York, it will describe the user experiences of a traveler between those destinations. Similarly, you can ask some prompt questions, such as

  • What is a good user experience while traveling in a boat or submarine?
  • What are the underlying needs of office goers when they want to shop for their clothes?
  • How can games add value in boosting productivity?


Inspiring: Ask to Enhance Your Design Process

Getting the right inspiration is a key aspect of a design process, and Chat GPT is excellent. It can provide answers regarding various inspirational ideas and lets you prove you are a creative designer! For instance, you can ask Chat GPT

  • How can we uncover the shoppers’ UX requirements?
  • Can you enlist the fun icebreaker for an online webinar? 
  • Can you brainstorm ideas regarding an online B2B portal?


Creating: Ask Chat GPT to Make Stuff

The creativity of Chat GPT is not hindered by providing only textual responses, as it can generate code, sketches, wireframes, and prototypes for designers with the appropriate queries. For example, one might ask.

  • Make a wireframe for a traveling app.
  • Develop an information architecture (navigation) for an order-tracking app.
  • Design an SVG icon for a confused class teacher.
  • Program my portfolio website.


Personalizing: Ask Chat GPT to Adapt Content to Specific People

In personalization, you need to customize your work around a specific group of people or characters. For instance, you can ask Chat GPT to prepare a user persona for your website. You might get a wireframe and customer journey for your website as a result. More examples are:

  • Rewrite a job ad for a more specific group of job seekers.
  • Get a button copy for a CTA on your website.
  • Rewrite a design for Instagram for disabled people.


Role Playing: Ask Chat GPT to Play a Character

Chat GPT is ideal for providing feedback or expert opinion for a defined character. It can act as various characters and furnish design insights for various applications. For instance, you can let Chat GPT chat with you as an engineer, store manager, ecommerce warehouse CEO, and myriads of such roles to get design insights. Similarly, you can ask Chat GPT

  • How should an ecommerce shopper be notified regarding updates in your inventory?
  • How can a shipping service provider company ask for an opinion regarding the current delivery service?
  • Can you act as a motivational design coach and assist me in designing my wearable exercise-tracking app?


Summarizing: Ask Chat GPT to Summarize a Text

Nowadays, everyone feels an acute time shortage to read white papers, industry blog posts, and various interviews; how it would be nice if someone gave you ready-to-read TL;DR summaries of long-form content! Of course, Chat GPT can furnish it beautifully. You can ask more about something like this.

  • Summaries so and so interviews in so and so newspapers or magazines.
  • Write a summary of the so-and-so whitepaper or research paper.
  • Enlist the main takeaway from the given data.


Analyzing: Ask Chat GPT to Breakdown Data

If you provide a popular interview transcript to the Chat GPT, it will extract the main keywords and do sentiment analysis for free! You can use it to find the themes from surveys, interview notes, and any long-form textual conversation. Other examples are:

  • Analyze the interview.
  • What are the primary keywords in a job posting?
  • Accomplish sentiment analysis of the given podcast transcript.


Synthesizing: Ask Chat GPT to Form New Output with Given Data

You can expect something more than mere analysis from Chat GPT, and it synthesizes new outputs from the given data or texts. For example, it means you can ask it to generate titles or subject lines for your email based on given hints. More examples are:

  • Ask to design a social media app for an alienated African community in a particular country. 
  • Generate a web page title for your landing page.
  • Write a title for a given blog post or article.


Advising: Ask Chat GPT to Check Blind Spots

Prior to Chat GPT, a CEO has to ask their managers to uncover potential blind spots or biases in the thinking of a new management strategy. Now, it is quite easy to seek the same services or advice from Chat GPT without any embracement. Similarly,

  • A team of designers can ask about the blind spots in their design by chatting with GPT instead of running several brainstorming sessions.
  • What psychological consequences occur when someone posts unethical content on a Facebook post, and it appears in teenagers’ accounts?
  • What ethical issues can arise when you use a health-checking app for pregnant women?


Finally, We have seen some best examples and use cases of Chat GPT in the UI & UX design industry. The design team at RP UXCollab is always one step ahead in adopting innovative and emerging technologies that can add real value to their endeavors. The Chat GPT is the next tool our team will use in its designing process and bring amazing results.


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