Addressing Common UI/UX Project Concerns: Tips for Users


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Learn about UI UX design and How it works



From the 1950s UI UX design concept was introduced in the market and is maturely handled. The usability of good design creates easy interaction with software, websites, and mobile applications. Identifying the mistakes is a difficult challenge, and UX professionals cannot click the UX design mistake in one shot by the website’s search.

There are many challenges UX users face daily, such as dealing with new tools, technologies, and approaches, and these difficulties are never-ending and even increasing day by day.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design,” Ralf Speth, a former Jaguar Land Rover CEO. The UX designer needs to make the design decisions that construct a good UX design and complete user testing. The UX designer gets to know the product design and makes design decisions that help to design process.


What are the UX design challenges?

UX designer’s need to do user research to make the visual design stand out. According to the survey, 88% of users do not visit the website, which leads to frustration. It must be visually appealing and have accessibility.

The good design solutions of the website showcase users’ feelings while working with a website, application, or mobile application. Sometimes it is hard to find UX design mistakes.

While creating a design, the user’s needs and goals are kept in mind while performing a marketing strategy. If the User does not research while making the design without research, then his creativity doesn’t stay longer. After the failure of your layout, you understand the requirement of research.

While making design decisions, you need to keep budget and time in mind as there is tremendous importance in design. In 2023, as there is immense competition worldwide, UX Users google’s and create a layout that is accurate and has a user-friendly experience.

In this highly competitive market, companies want to differentiate their brand and create seamless experiences through outstanding design. UX design will help companies create new product designs for competitive advantage.

One of the most crucial parameters of credibility. User trust and share their sensitive data while performing numerous operations regarding finances.


How can I avoid or overcome UI design mistakes and problems?

A minor glitch in the website or layout can lead to a break of trust which destroy user trust and create a question in their mind regarding the clients’, and due to this, users can’t tolerate this and remove the mobile application, so the User keeps trying to solve the problem.

UX User needs to create a design that can deliver complex financial solutions and create a layout that client can accept and trust. There is also a great idea to hire a QA who can strengthen the development process.

Keeping their needs and goals in mind and cultivating trustworthy relations, there is a need for user-friendly applications. While building a website, the first question that strikes the mind of the users is:-

First questions that strikes the mind of the users

  1. How to make the developer understand the good UX design of the website?
  2. The website should not be heavily loaded with UX design.
  3. What inspires you to create your designs?
  4. How to increase user experience?

There are common UI UX design mistakes that a UX User makes, which you can consider while creating a design and making an impactful user experience. Some pointers are common UX design mistakes that show user behavior.


10 Most Common UI UX Design Mistakes, Examples & Fixes

10 Most Common UI UX Design Mistakes 1

1. Complex navigation

Some website or mobile app shows brilliant design, but their function doesn’t fulfill the requirements.

Users come across an application or website that displays a beautiful look but is not good in the process. If the navigation is not smooth on the website or application, the user will abandon the application.

A proper mobile app creates a good user experience and brings the user to the next level, while improper navigation can lead to vice versa.

While creating the design, you keep user usability in mind and make your UX design as simple as possible. Simple navigation can execute better results.


2. Netflix hover auto-play

The most annoying UI UX design which Users create is auto-play videos. The user gets annoyed while working on some essential parameter on the website, and suddenly they see auto-play videos that do not have the option of skipping.

As a UI User, you need to think as the user first and give a chance to skip the video. There is no use in infuriating a user in the middle of their task until and unless the user wants to see it.

If there are such videos, there should always be the option of skipping the video, or the user will be forced to do something different.


3. Require proper contrast

The User keeps the contrast in mind while onboarding design. The User takes care of the contrast between your visually appealing interface elements. The text color and background color should not match.

Low-contrast colors break the user research when text contrasts poorly with background colors, while high-contrast colors are overcomplicated to read when paired. If not taken care of, they will merge and destroys the user experience.


4. Unmatched fonts selection

The new tool while creating good UX UI design is Typography. Recognize it, or it will pull your hands from potential users. Good typography helps users to read and access and provides usability to the user. There is confusion in the mind of designers’ input regarding fancy and readable, and they select fancy fonts.

Fancy fonts look attractive and provide a smooth nature to the eyes, but at the same time, they do not show assurance to be user-friendly. Readable fonts show that they will not hamper the user experience.


5. Which design process did you adopt for these projects?

There is a need to follow a proper iterative design process. The process includes ideation, prototyping, and testing.

For running a website or application, it is necessary to provide hints. After conducting user feedback, the User needs to change the UI design.


6. The interface needs to be simple and organized

It leads to frustration for users to navigate in complex layouts and therefore it becomes overcomplicated. When developers use too many buttons, menus, and options it provides clear confusion and leads to bad UX design.

Many times, it happens user is not able to get what they are searching for resulting in poor feedback. Users face this issue due to many images on a single page, the website’s loading time, the image taking a lot of time to load, and many more. Developers need to keep the elements of the page straightforward and up-to-date. The website should have a visually appealing interface.


7. High usage of Pop-ups

It is a fact that Popups help in driving traffic on the website for digital marketers. There was a publishment by Google in 2016 that pop-ups affect their search ranking.

Google is taking action against all the websites that have visually concealed their content with error messages. These updates lead to a better mobile search experience, and users can see all the content without distraction through error messages.


8. Non-synchronization between Design and Content

It becomes difficult for users to find relevant information by putting numerous content and design on the webpage. The developers and Users use the negative space efficiently and design a good layout that attracts the user. The UX User doesn’t have to fill all the requirements with content or design and increase the bounce rate.

You take care of all these minor UI UX design mistakes as it creates layout design, attracts users, and connects with them. An essential part of the webpage is providing enough space between components to understand Users’ input so that they can fulfill users’ needs.


9. The necessity of a strong password

As a User, it’s your responsibility to create the design appropriately so that users have to create strong passwords which can safeguard their data.

Password is a fundamental term in the webpage as it provides security to the user that their data is safe. Users come across the webpage where they need to register and create a password. The Password requirement doesn’t always be complex as it leads to frustration and makes it difficult to create a password and involves users’ time.

Password requirements should be powerful but easy so users can make them convenient. The blunder in the webpage makes us ensure that they will never enter your website again. Users can create Chatbot that helps the user in creating a password.

Users want to receive the information as per their requirements, but due to UX design challenges, they get pop-ups that force them to register and create complex passwords.


10. Excessive amount of Animation

UX design executes efficiently if the usage of design thinking is accurate and according to the requirement of a webpage like animation.

Animation can enhance the design and provide a new look, but if there is high usage of vibrance, it can ruin the design. The animation should be available on the webpage but within a limit that can explain the reason for the layout.


What did you understand from the above pointers?

UX Users are consumed in the development cycle according to the customer need, they need to iterate several skills such as prototyping, user interviewing, and data analysis.

A User’s job is very challenging when it comes to fitting into a company’s expectations and companies understand and absorb the User experience. Users may need to authenticate the subheadings and another solution in the project.

The above pointers show the UX design challenge and mistakes that a User keeps in mind while making a webpage. There is some minor blunder while creating the webpage, which some Users don’t look into, but it can lead to an illogical design.

Create a proper UX strategy that simplifies the further process. Some Users are confused between good UI and UX design: UI design provides users to interact with the product design, and UX design creates the product or layout design that provides a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the user. The usage of product design is to decide the product experience and completes the user requirement.

A User has the caliber to create communication between products or services with users across all channels and platforms by doing website searches, google. This communication helps both the company and its users.

If UI/UX design executes well, it has tremendous advantages like boosting conversion rates, establishing customer loyalty, make them brand advocates.
To rectify the UX design challenge, the company can appoint QA, which provides improvement areas, and learn how to solve, provide usability testing and eliminate weak spots.


There are 7 common UX design challenges like

7 common UX design challenges 1


  1. lack of consistency
  2. Issue while registering
  3. Delay in system response
  4. Confuse with hints
  5. Lack of dashboard configuration
  6. Layout Challenge
  7. Lack of accessibility

The bottom line is, You need to do design thinking for a webpage so that it will help Users and is feasible for the user so the user could trust and enjoy viewing the page, and it completes user research.

UX professionals have to do well research, conduct user research, and keep needs and goals in mind before creating the design and keeping all the above pointers is also great, they need to design a layout that serves the purpose of the company and the user.

The developers and Users need to create chatbots, and faqs on every website.


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