How to Assess Whether Your Startup’s Product Needs a Redesign?


How to assess whether your startup's product needs a redesign


Redesigning your product is a crucial question in product design. While designing, there is the possibility that results don’t come as per expectations. If this happens, then it only comes with lots of frustration for the users’. In the current world, it is essential that your interface need to have an online presence.

Once your business has an online presence, it will help grows your design system. An increase in online interface increases the level of competitors, and managers make sure that their digital product is easiest than the rest. Having an online presence and staying there is slightly challenging, so there are products that need redesigning. It applies to both a mobile app and a website.

There is a possibility that you’ll like your new design and you’ve not opt to change the design. You’ll feel that the new design is not an alternative idea for now. If the designs stay for long, then everyone needs to redesign from scratch to get a better user experience. Regarding this, you need to consider redesigning. Redesigning the brand’s website and app needs to be taken care of regularly by all the managers. It helps companies to stay updated with the current design standards and trends. Analyzing the trending design will provide the opportunity to resolve customer issues and start defining your goals.

But one should always question before jumping into this complex assignment: is a redesign really necessary?

Companies need to analyze before deciding about changes in the design of a website or app. Redesign, if it is in the systematic direction, can make users happier and stay longer, but if it is on the wrong path, it can lead to worse cases.


Is it makes sense to invest in redesigning my digital product?

As you go further with this article, you will know the company’s intention in this intricate process. You will take a look about the time when companies need to think about redesign. The below pointers guide you to the reasons behind Redesign by providing a bit of research information and measurable examples.

The redesign makes an iterative improvement by changing the flow to make it more validate and user-friendly. The iterative improvement is taken care of by numerous organizations. There is a chance that some design leads to extensive design overhauls as they are more ambiguous and generally obsolete. It can dissatisfy users’ in the organization while redesigning thinking as it comes after numerous big strategic decisions. Companies need to plan that design does not affect the revenue as it only affects the feature. For Example, Top leaders say that in the automobile industry, none of the companies make bad cars, it only refers to the worst design. Brakes, steering, and handling are similar in all cars and differ in yield.

The example is only about cars but also about digital products. Digital products include SaaS, desktop apps, e-commerce, and mobile apps. All Businesses are dependent on Microsoft. There are similar website or mobile app requirements like Microsoft, the technology stack of each era, the frameworks, and the services. Customers buy products from different companies, not due to high brand or any other feature. Their decision varies due to insight into product design and the UX. We’re here to consider redesigning of the digital product, irrespective of product type.


Doubting whether to redesign your product or not?

Some people think that product redesign is the easiest way. As per users’ view, there is an existing brand’s product, and if any modification happens, the product redesign will happen. Sometimes minor invest or functionality added in product design takes extra effort. The Product redesign can be measurable as adding value, but it might not be in the framework of the users’. The product might remain the same, but the user experience might imply a tremendous gap.

When it comes to change, humans often need time to adjust, particularly those with established biases. An existing product may be successful, yet its improvements might not be readily accepted by current users. They may require time to adapt to these enhancements. Meanwhile, a product redesign has the potential to attract new users by offering solutions to their issues.

Online presence is essential as people search and trust through that. As per the survey, 80% of people judge and trust the company’s app and website. You’ve a product that needs to improve to enhance user experience.

Redesigning a product introduces new challenges and opportunities for digital innovation. A successful redesign process addresses users’ concerns and meets specific metric goals. However, before embarking on a redesign, it’s crucial to understand the problem you aim to clarify and resolve.


About Product Redesign

Product redesign shows recreating a systematic website or app or any product’s complete look by making significant changes as required and improve user experience.

Product Redesign adds more value to the UX. You can redesign the product by having all sorts of data like usability, functionality, revenue, objective, gap, businesses, and competitors.

No one considers the effort that goes behind product redesign developer can understand the struggle behind successful product redesign. Minor changes in the product in the form of style or color can increase the value, look, and experience of the product for the user.


What is the difference between Product redesign VS New design VS design refresh?

Difference between Product redesign VS New design VS Design refresh

The above three terms always create confusion for Businesses and the designer. The Sales department or growth focus team needs to know about the difference and which will apply to their business.


Let us get inside knowledge about these three categories:-

Product Redesign

Product Redesign will add value to the current product by making visual updates and adding or removing features. There are three reasons any company goes for product redesign, either there is no updation in your website or app or digital product, or there is any technological change, or your design is not providing you the result.

While performing Redesign, you should have solid research data due to existing design and real-time user feedback. The best part is you don’t need to conduct the whole UX research process from starting as you will perform while creating new product designs.


New Product Design

While creating new product designs, you don’t have any history or predecessors. While creating a new product design, you need to go through numerous research data, and their priority is to create an efficient and impactful product design that increases user experience.

New product design comes to action from scratch from user data, innovation, and research work. Designers conduct design feasibility by conducting usability testing well with real-time user feedback.


Design Refresh

While conducting a design refresh, it makes the complete change in appearance without interfering with the UX structure or content. During design refresh, the designer either changes the style or color or rearranges the UI components inside the product. Designers don’t change the structure or function of the product, but they only bring new experiences for the user with different aesthetics.


Why do you need to bring product redesign into consideration?

You cannot proceed with product redesign by knowing the requirement and meaning of this. You should have information about the correct time for considering the product redesign. There will be a scenario where you will have confusing thought about when is the right time to acknowledge product redesign.

Below are the pointers that will make deciding factor for product redesign and provide you with a clear idea about the correct time for product redesign.

factor for redesign

Requirement of User Feedback

Every company requires user feedback to understand the output of the product. Every company must get real-time user feedback. Users are well aware of the product due to their usage. These products help in solving user problems, due to which their feedback helps in recognizing product redesign. When you observe that negative feedback is increasing, it’s time for product redesign.


Improper product design

Depending on the user’s requirement, Your thought regarding product design might be correct and accurate, but improper product design may disappoint the user. You can add additional features and technology to the product, but it is not beneficial if it is not completing its primary function. Under such circumstances, there is a requirement for product redesign.


Dated Design

There might be outdated data on the website or mobile app, which can affect the user’s trust and lead to friction and mismatch with current-era standards. Users start moving and searching for a product that provides a modern and satisfying experience. Digital products modify every year, due to which every decade modifications are noticeable.


Non Reflection of brand

It is essential that whenever you update the element of the brand, then you need product redesign. Sometimes product redesign can lead to out-of-the-brand updates. You can understand that several websites and mobile apps are successful due to product redesign.


Dissatisfaction with Metrics

There might be a point where you start feeling dissatisfaction with the response and metric you are receiving and feel like changing the product design. Once there is a product redesign, it can resolve numerous concerns like poor activation, low conversions, etc.

There is a probability that lower or poor performance can lead to a poor value proposition. Blaming goes to design for the underperformance of the website or mobile app. There is a requirement for product redesign, either complete or partial. After product redesign, you will observe that users return as they get solutions to their problems.



Product redesign might not be an initial idea, but apply it to getting productivity. Don’t keep expectations from the user that they will accept the changes but you should try to explain the requirement of product redesign. You need to follow the same procedure as you do regularly and keep on doing product redesign. Following these steps will help you get real-time feedback and updates from the user and help in user engagement.

Before proceeding with product redesign, you need to follow below checklist:-

Before proceeding with product redesign, you need to follow below checklist

  1. UX Audit
  2. Performance Analysis
  3. Define Objective
  4. Analysis of the solution


For deciding on product redesign, you need to consider the opinion of an external audit. UX Audit is helpful only if the external person does that. While doing a product redesign, you must be aware of the reason for the redesign. The redesign process requires research and focus, or it can harm your business.

Your current product might be beautiful, functional, and pixel-perfect, but if not getting results, then it’s an indicator and you need to think about the same. If you are unhappy with the outcome and user feedback, the product needs to be redesigned.


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