Why Do You Need to Create a User Persona before Jumping Into Web Design


Why Do You Need to Create a User Persona before Jumping Into Web Design

Creating the right user persona is a highly practical and wise step that you take before jumping on website designing and programming. User persona will give you perfect clues regarding the visualization of your website design and the impacts of your content in marketing.It was Sunday morning; Kelly was roaming the market for her weekly shopping. She is a marketing manager in an MNC company. Suddenly, she noticed that Ada was coming straightly to her waving hands. It means she needs her to meet. So Kelly stopped at a corner and waited for Ada to come.

Ada is a business owner running a startup web development company in the same city.
“What is user persona and how to create it,” Ada asked Kelly. Ada was breathing heavily.
“Please take a breath and get calm; why do you need to create a user persona?” asked Kelly with some exclamations.

Ada responded, “We need it to create for a web design project.
”a smile was passed on Kelly’s face for a moment.
She continued the conversation thread with Ada and told her, “First, let me tell you why you need to create a buyer persona for a web design project?”
“There are multiple benefits of creating a user persona before jumping into a website design project,” Ada replied. Later, Ada explained those advantages in length, and we will catch some significant points from that conversation.


What Is User Persona?

The user persona is a semi-fictional character representing your ideal website user—it represents the user group’s demographics, psychographics, requirements, and irritations.


Why Do You Need To Create a User Persona for a Web Design Project?


1 – User Personal Helps Designers to Make Objective Decisions on Web Design and Redesign

Do you know how we create a user persona? First, we take interviews with actual users. We often run guerrilla research/surveys to avoid the lengthy procedure of creating a database of users and running an analysis.

This implies that we are gathering samples from actual users rather than making assumptions. By considering the needs of real users, our design efforts are directed towards making objective decisions in website design or redesign.

A user personally gives you info and contexts, which are helpful in making an objective decision about how to construct your marketing message. So, your website will have the most relevant messages to your target audience, even with consistency.


2 – Your Website Design Will Remain User-centric

User persona facilitates you to know your audience well. It helps you learn one or two more things about your target audience that can help you design and content.

Creating a detailed user persona provides insights into your potential customers. By understanding your customers thoroughly, your design, user experience, and content can align with their true needs, leading to better conversion rates.


3 – User Persona Fosters Empathy for the Specific Users

User persona consists of an imaginative human face and human characteristics through various user attributes. It makes a concept of a living being in the mind of employees and simultaneously brand ambassadors and end-users of your products or services. It fosters empathy among the target audience and employees.

It also allows us to visualize and comprehend what aspects of prospective customers we should consider and how to treat them appropriately. Buyer personas assist businesses in understanding customer pain points and taking action to provide solutions. A well-crafted user persona aids in forging connections with potential customers.


4 – User Persona Aids in Developing User Journey Map

User persona helps the business to understand user behavior. For example, if you want to create a user journey map, you must understand user behavior at each step of the user journey.

Once you grasp the user behavior, you can prepare a strategy to guide users throughout the user journey. -from the awareness stage to the consideration stage and decision stage. In short, user persona helps marketers to nurture leads.


5 – Gain Competitive Advantages

User persona aids in understanding the user requirements and expectations from the website. Therefore, it helps designers to create a more targeted design. Similarly, the content development team can create more targeted messages. Such efforts make your website unique in respect to all aspects and more appealing than your ultimate competitors.

You can see your website and competitors’ website through the eyes of the user persona and truly evaluate them with the right perspective.


6 – Realize a Decent ROI (Return on Investment)

Investment in the creation of user persona is little, but the advantages are bigger in terms of ROI.

  1. You will have the opportunity to enhance the user experience.
  2. You can increase the relevance of design, content, and hence your messages.
  3. You will find yourself more connected to your prospective users because now you have clues about your user personality.
  4. You will understand what your prospective customers want and why. Such insights let you prepare your strategies for website design and grab your marketing team more leads.


7 – User Persona Bring Consistency

Usually, an organization or business contains a number of departments and stack holders. Many strategies may fail if everyone has different perspectives regarding the user persona. Therefore, you must create a complete user persona and share the details with each department and stack holder. It brings consistency in the language you speak to your users and give you expected results.


8 – Nurture Quality Leads

Every salesperson aims for quality leads rather than just a quantity that doesn’t convert. Hence, personalizing your design, content, and marketing offerings is crucial. Deep personalization can only be achieved by thoroughly understanding your target audience, and creating a user persona is the most effective way to grasp your users’ needs.


Who Will Do Your Web Design?

It’s a crucial question who will design your website using best practices like creating a user persona. Revival Pixel is an agency that keeps the best practices alive in their routine and makes user persona for every project. So, if Ada thinks about creating a user persona, she is a right and highly advantageous practice to do before even jumping on the project planning itself.

If you are looking for the right team of designers and developers to create your websites, Revival Pixel is not away. So join a call, and we will serve you immediately!


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