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Your Frontend Development Using HTML + CSS + jQuery Technologies

HTML provides us with the site's basic structure. CSS is used to control presentation, formatting, and layout. And jQuery is a JavaScript library to control the behavior of different elements. We amalgamate them to create an attractive and functional frontend for your websites or web applications. jQuery helps us to compress the JavaScript code and makes delivery fast with the best outcomes. 

We develop a secure frontend with special effects to meet the modern requirements of web and mobile applications. Would you like to have one for your business identity or business process automation?

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Our Meaningful HTML, CSS, and jQuery Services

HTML, CSS & jQuery Frontend Development

Our UI designers use standard web development technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, to create a robust frontend for your websites or web applications that can grab the immediate attention of onlookers and create engagements. We make user interactions easy and smooth experience.

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Responsive Web Design-min

HTML, CSS & jQuery for Responsive Web Design

We apply HTML, CSS, and jQuery programming technologies to design and develop a responsive web design that works seamlessly across devices and different OS platforms, including mobiles. It enhances your reach to a wider audience.

HTML, CSS & jQuery for Dynamic Web Design

We use jQuery along with HTML & CSS to create dynamically updating websites and web applications for your business and its processes. It gives an excellent user experience and enhances usability. The user experience remains a breeze. 

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Interactive Web Design-min

HTML, CSS & jQuery for Interactive Web Design

We use jQuery with HTML and CSS to create an interactive web design that helps your business interact easily with your visitors. Moreover, we provide jQuery-based animations to deliver your brand messages efficiently. 

Bring a Digital Revolution with Our Graphics Design

Creative, innovative, and inspiring graphic design can transform your brand and your business to the next level. Consider Revival Pixels as your revolutionary agency to bring a digital revolution that impacts all media channels through visual and motion graphics content.

We need not praise our work because our portfolio and clients portray our stories better than anyone can.

Why Should You Choose Us?


Our frontend designers and developers are experts in HTML, CSS, and jQuery programming technologies. 

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Competitive Rates

We offer highly competitive rates in the industry without compromising the quality of deliverables. Moreover, we provide a free quote for your project.

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We have been working in the industry for a long-time using HTML, CSS, and jQuery technologies. We have successfully delivered projects for a global clientele.

Dedicated Team 

We have a dedicated team of in-house HTML, CSS, & jQuery developers. So, we provide complete focus on your project and deliver it on time. 

Logo from scratch

We have the latest infrastructural facilities for modern web development, including physical facilities, hardware, OS, software, & network. 

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Easy Communication

We enroll our clients in our PMS and provide them with other channels for quick communication with the team. 

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Design a UI/UX for a hottub selling company


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Design a UI for a secure VPN app with interactive UX.


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Design a UX/UI for an interactive online learning SAAS software


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Design a SaaS software and website UI for easy-to-use booking and business management tools for fitness & wellness instructors.

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What Clients Says

We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

"Ankit helped me rebuild my website to my exact specifications and it meets my expectations down to the last detail. He also implemented the requirements for mobile devices wonderfully. Communication was straightforward as always and worked very quickly. Highly recommended."

"Ankit is very professional, helpful and very solution-oriented. I work with him again and again and am absolutely satisfied."

"All my wishes for the job have been fulfilled in the best possible way. As always, I am very happy with Ankit!"

"Ankit and his team delivered above and beyond and are highly skilled at backend and frontend development. They even filled in the gaps where we missed something in the dev brief. I'd recommend them to anyone and we'll be using them again in the future."

FAQs for HTML, CSS, & jQuery Development Services

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It helps in the creation of web pages and describes the structure of a web page. HTML contains a series of elements that tells the browser how to display the content. 

CSS is a short form of Cascading Style Sheet. It is a programming language used to describe the presentation of a document written in HTML, XML, or its dialects. CSS depicts how elements should be rendered on the screen. 
Fundamentally, jQuery is a JavaScript library to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal & manipulation. It also helps in handling CSS animations, events, and AJAX. It's a lightweight, "write less, do more" JavaScript library to make use of JavaScript easy for web development.
CSS presentation includes colors, layouts, and fonts. CSS also allows one to adapt the presentation to different devices, including desktop screens, mobile screens, and printers. 
We use three types of CSS in our web design and development.
  • Inline CSS 
  • Internal or embedded CSS 
  • External CSS 
We use them judiciously.
jQuery eases JavaScript coding because it reduces the lines of JavaScript code for many common tasks that require many lines of code to accomplish. Moreover, jQuery wraps them into methods that a programmer calls anywhere in the document with a single line of code.

There are multiple reasons why we prefer using jQuery along with HTML and CSS.

  • jQuery is easy to understand.
  • It offers shorter code compared to JavaScript.
  • It's easy to integrate with other IDEs.
  • Animation becomes easy with jQuery.
  • It makes page load and interactions faster.
  • It is SEO-friendly.
  • It runs in all browsers
With HTML, CSS, and jQuery technologies, frontend web development becomes easy and rapid. We offer highly competitive rates in the market. Moreover, we provide a free quote for your project. We take cost-effective approaches to the development and make the project budget-friendly. 


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