Altorem Leren

Explore our successful collaboration with Altoren Leren in revolutionizing the IIoT marketplace with an advanced eCommerce platform, cutting-edge recommendation engine, and streamlined Developers/Seller Portal.

What we did





1.5 Months


Altoren Leren, a leading player in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sector, sought to establish a dynamic eCommerce marketplace for their innovative IIoT solutions. They approached our team to design a comprehensive E-commerce website, and sophisticated recommendation engine, and create an intuitive Developers/Seller Portal, aiming to enhance user experience and foster collaboration within the IIoT ecosystem.

Problem Statements

Altoren Leren faced several challenges in the rapidly evolving IIoT market. They needed a solution that addressed:

Limited Visibility

Their IIoT products lacked visibility in a crowded marketplace, making it challenging for potential customers to discover them.

Fragmented Seller Interaction

Altoren Leren needed to streamline interactions between sellers and developers, facilitating efficient collaboration and product knowledge sharing.

Our Solutions

To tackle Altoren Leren’s challenges, we provided the following solutions:

E-commerce Website

We designed a user-friendly E-commerce platform that showcased Altoren Leren’s IIoT solutions, enabling customers to easily browse, compare, and purchase products.

Recommendation Engine

We implemented a powerful recommendation engine that analyzed user behavior and preferences to suggest relevant products, enhancing the customer shopping experience and increasing sales.

Developers/Seller Portal

We designed a dedicated portal for sellers and developers, allowing them to manage their products, share insights, and communicate effectively. This portal fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange within the IIoT community.


Our wireframe designs focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user journey through the Altoren Leren eCommerce platform, incorporating features like product categorization, user reviews, and simplified navigation.

UI Design

We crafted an aesthetically pleasing user interface that aligned with Altoren Leren’s brand identity. The design emphasized clarity, user engagement, and a responsive layout to ensure a consistent experience across different devices.

Home Page
Sub Pages

What we delivered

In our comprehensive solution, we delivered a robust eCommerce platform, a data-driven recommendation engine, and an intuitive Developers/Seller Portal. These elements collectively empower Altoren Leren to excel in the IIoT marketplace, enhancing user engagement, sales, and industry collaboration.

120+ Hours

Focused design work

14+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screens Designed

Design System

To maintain visual consistency throughout the platform, we established a comprehensive design system that included a palette of colors, typography guidelines, and reusable UI components. This system not only facilitated development but also ensured a cohesive and professional look for Altoren Leren’s marketplace.