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What we did
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3 Month


BloomBoost is a comprehensive marketplace catering to the needs of flower shop owners, offering them a unified solution for various aspects of their business, including choosing categories, flowers, CRM, communication, and community engagement. Despite its potential, the client expressed dissatisfaction with the previous design, citing numerous issues with the UI and UX. Our mission was to revamp the platform entirely, addressing the shortcomings and enhancing both the UI and UX to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for users.

Problem Statements

The client identified several key issues with the previous design. Firstly, the UI lacked intuitive navigation, leading to a cumbersome user experience. The visual aesthetics did not align with contemporary design trends, and there were challenges in maintaining consistent branding across the platform. Additionally, users faced difficulties in managing categories and flowers efficiently. The lack of effective communication tools and community features also hindered user engagement and collaboration.

Inefficient UI Navigation

Users facing difficulty finding essential features and information due to complex navigation.

Outdated Visual Aesthetics

Platform’s visual appeal not aligning with current design trends; branding inconsistency affecting user recognition.

Difficulty in Management

Challenges in efficiently organizing and managing categories and flowers within the platform.

Communication and Community Challenges

Ineffective communication tools and lack of community features hampering user engagement and collaboration.

Our Solutions

To address the identified problems, we initiated a redesign from scratch. Our solutions included implementing a user-centric design approach with a focus on intuitive navigation. We enhanced the visual aesthetics, incorporating modern design principles and ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing brand presence. The restructuring of category and flower management features aimed to streamline the user workflow. Communication tools and community features were revamped to foster a more engaging and collaborative environment.

User-Centric Design

Implemented an intuitive navigation system, simplifying the user journey and improving overall accessibility.

Modern Visual Aesthetics

Revamped the design with contemporary elements, ensuring a visually appealing and consistent brand presence.

Efficient Workflow

Streamlined category and flower management features, optimizing the user workflow for shop owners.

Enhanced Communication and Community

Revamped communication tools and introduced community features to foster better engagement and collaboration among users.

Intuitive navigation patterns

By crafting a comprehensive information architecture and streamlined user flows, we embraced a holistic approach to examine the entire system. This perspective enabled us to identify and address significant systemic gaps effectively.

Information Architecture


The wireframing phase played a crucial role in visualizing the redesigned platform’s structure and functionality. We collaborated closely with the client to create wireframes that prioritized user flow and interactions. This stage allowed us to establish a solid foundation for the UI design, ensuring that the final product would meet the client’s expectations and the end-users’ needs.

UI Design

The UI design phase focused on bringing the wireframes to life with visually striking and user-friendly interfaces. We incorporated a clean and modern design language, emphasizing vibrant visuals and an intuitive layout. The new design aimed to create a visually appealing and cohesive user interface, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the BloomBoost platform.

Desktop Design

What we delivered

We delivered a revamped BloomBoost platform, featuring an intuitive UI with modern aesthetics, streamlining navigation for flower shop owners. The comprehensive design system ensures visual consistency across the platform, encompassing color schemes, typography, and iconography. This overhaul enhances user engagement, fostering a vibrant online community for the floral industry.


420+ Hours

Focused design work

45+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screen Designed

Design System

To maintain consistency across the platform, we developed a comprehensive design system. This system included guidelines for color schemes, typography, iconography, and other design elements. The design system served as a reference point for future development, ensuring a unified and cohesive visual identity for BloomBoost.


The redesign of BloomBoost platform not only addressed the client’s concerns but also elevated the overall user experience. The intuitive navigation, modern aesthetics, and enhanced features contribute to a more user-friendly and engaging platform. The implementation of a design system ensures consistency and scalability, setting the stage for future enhancements. BloomBoost is now positioned to provide flower shop owners with a seamless and visually appealing online presence, fostering growth and collaboration within the floral community.