Explore how our team revamped the MaskUrlIP VPN mobile app, elevating user experience and design to new heights in the realm of digital security.

What we did





0.5 Month


MaskUrlIP VPN is a prominent provider of secure virtual private network (VPN) services. They approached us with the goal of designing a user-friendly and efficient VPN platform for mobile devices. The aim was to offer their users a seamless and secure online experience while maintaining the brand’s identity and values.

Problem Statements

The client faced several challenges, including:

Complex Onboarding Process

Users find the initial setup and onboarding process confusing, leading to a high dropout rate.

Inadequate Visual Feedback

Users do not receive sufficient feedback on their actions within the app, leading to uncertainty about whether the VPN is connected or functioning properly.

Overwhelming Settings and Options

Users feel overwhelmed by a multitude of settings and options, making it difficult to configure the VPN according to their preferences.

Interruptive Ads and Promotions

Overly intrusive advertisements and promotions can disrupt the user experience and lead to frustration.

No User Support Access

Users struggle to find support or contact information when they encounter issues or have questions about the app.

Our Solutions

To address the client’s challenges, we proposed the following solutions:

Redesign the interface

Simplify the layout and navigation, making it more intuitive with a clear focus on core features.

Prominent status indicator

Ensure a clear and visible status indicator at the top of the app, indicating whether the VPN is active or not.

Opt for non-intrusive placements

Display ads in a way that does not interrupt the user’s primary tasks, such as using banner or interstitial ads.

Streamlined settings

Group related settings into logical categories and offer tooltips or explanations for advanced options.

In-app support

Include a dedicated support section within the app, featuring links to FAQs, contact forms, or live chat support.

Onboarding tips

Offer onboarding tips or a help section to assist users in getting started and troubleshooting common issues.


To illustrate our vision, we provided wireframes that outlined the new app’s structure and navigation, ensuring an organized and user-centric layout that aligned with the client’s objectives.

UI Design

Our team of experienced designers transformed the wireframes into a visually appealing, user-centric design. The new design incorporated user feedback and focused on ensuring a seamless user experience with a modern and visually appealing interface.

Onbaording Screens
Login Screens
Main Screens
Profile Screens

What we delivered

We conducted user research, created wireframes and mockups, and developed a design system to ensure consistency in visual elements and interactions.

60+ Hours

Focused design work

8+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screens Designed

Design System

To maintain consistency throughout the app, we created a comprehensive design system. This included a style guide outlining color schemes, typography, iconography, and interaction patterns. The design system ensured that the app maintained a cohesive and unified appearance across all screens and elements.


Our collaboration with MaskUrlIP VPN resulted in a mobile app that successfully addressed their challenges, providing users with a simplified and intuitive interface while maintaining brand consistency. The design system we implemented ensures a consistent and visually appealing user experience. This project showcases our ability to meet our client’s objectives, ultimately enhancing their brand’s digital presence and user satisfaction.