LearnStack, a prominent provider of online courses, reached out to us for help in overcoming critical challenges stemming from the absence of a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). Discover how we transformed their educational landscape with a custom LMS platform.

What we did





1.5 Months


LearnStack, a prominent provider of online courses, was facing a significant challenge due to the absence of a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). They needed a tailored solution to streamline their course delivery, enhance user experience, and improve their overall educational offerings.

Problem Statements

Facing several challenges due to the absence of a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), LearnStack sought our assistance to address key issues that hindered their educational offerings.

Inefficient Course Management

LearnStack struggled to efficiently organize, update, and manage their extensive course catalog, leading to delays in course delivery and updates.

Fragmented Learning Experience

Learners had difficulty tracking their progress, accessing resources, and engaging in a cohesive learning journey, resulting in reduced engagement and satisfaction.

Lack of Learner Accountability

Without an LMS, tracking learner performance, managing assessments, and ensuring accountability in courses was challenging.

Scalability Issues

LearnStack faced limitations in scaling their online courses and expanding their user base, hindering their growth potential.

Our Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions for LearnStack were designed to resolve these issues and empower them with an effective Learning Management System (LMS).

Streamlined Course Management

We developed a user-friendly course organization system that allowed easy updates, uploads, and modifications, reducing administrative overhead.

Enhanced User Experience

We created a unified learning environment with progress tracking, resource accessibility, and interactive features for a seamless learning journey, improving learner engagement.

Accountability and Assessment Tools

Our LMS incorporated features for tracking learner progress, conducting assessments, and monitoring performance, ensuring a more effective educational experience.

Scalable Architecture

We built a robust, scalable architecture that enabled LearnStack to accommodate a growing number of courses and learners, facilitating future expansion.


We initiated the project with wireframes, mapping out the platform’s structure and functionality. This allowed us to visualize the user journey, refine features, and align with LearnStack’s objectives.

UI Design

Our UI design focused on creating a clean and intuitive user interface. We optimized the layout, color schemes, and typography to ensure that users could easily navigate the platform and engage with course content.

Design System

We established a robust design system that provided consistency throughout the platform. This system included design elements, color palettes, and typography guidelines to maintain a cohesive and professional look.

What we delivered

Our team built LearnStack’s custom LMS platform from the ground up, incorporating course management, user profiles, progress tracking, and seamless content delivery. We integrated features for quizzes, assignments, and discussions to foster a collaborative learning environment.

180+ Hours

Focused design work

24+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screens Designed


With our custom LMS solution, LearnStack successfully transformed its online course delivery and user experience. The platform streamlined course management, improved user engagement, and paved the way for future expansion, making LearnStack a more competitive player in the online education sector.