Embark on a journey of transformation with our IndiFIT case study, where we redefined fitness platforms through strategic UX research and UI design. Discover how we seamlessly addressed navigation challenges, resolved payment glitches, and empowered fitness enthusiasts and instructors alike.

What we did





4+ Months


IndiFIT, a groundbreaking fitness platform, aimed to empower fitness instructors by providing them with a comprehensive solution to launch and manage their fitness businesses. The platform allowed instructors to create and manage offerings, handle payments, memberships, packs, order history, promos, and more. Additionally, premium instructors enjoyed the benefit of personalized custom bios. Users, on the other hand, could easily purchase courses, manage their fitness journey, and connect with their favorite instructors. As a startup, IndiFIT sought our expertise in UX Research, UX Design, and UI Design to enhance the overall user experience and make the platform both functional and visually appealing.

Problem Statements

IndiFIT faced several challenges that required attention. First, the user interface lacked intuitiveness, making it difficult for both instructors and users to navigate seamlessly. Additionally, there were issues with payment processing, leading to frustration among instructors. The absence of a personalized touch for premium instructors was identified as a hindrance to building a stronger connection with users.

Unintuitive Navigation

Users and instructors found it challenging to navigate the platform efficiently, leading to a suboptimal user experience.

Payment Processing Glitches

Instructors faced issues with payment processing, causing delays and frustration in receiving their earnings.

Limited Personalization for Premium Instructors

The absence of personalized bios hindered premium instructors from establishing a distinct online presence.

Inconsistent User Experience

Users reported inconsistencies in the platform’s features, causing confusion and impacting their overall satisfaction.

Difficulty in Offer Management

Instructors encountered difficulties in creating and managing course offerings, affecting their ability to attract and retain users.

Our Solutions

To address the navigation issues, we conducted thorough UX research, gathering insights from both instructors and users. Based on this research, we restructured the platform’s information architecture, ensuring a more user-friendly experience. Payment processing glitches were resolved through a comprehensive overhaul of the payment system, introducing a more robust and reliable mechanism. For premium instructors, we introduced the option for custom bios, enabling them to showcase their unique personalities and expertise, fostering a stronger bond with users.

Optimized Information Architecture

Conducted UX research to redesign the platform’s structure, simplifying navigation and enhancing user engagement.

Enhanced Payment System

Overhauled the payment processing system, addressing glitches and ensuring a seamless transaction experience for both instructors and users.

Custom Bios for Premium Instructors

Introduced personalized bios for premium instructors, allowing them to showcase their expertise and connect more intimately with their audience.

Consistent User Experience

Implemented design changes for a cohesive and consistent user interface, reducing confusion and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Simplified Offer Management

Redesigned the course creation and management process for instructors, making it more intuitive and efficient.


In the wireframing phase, we focused on creating a clean and intuitive layout. We reorganized the platform’s features to streamline the user journey, ensuring that instructors and users could easily find what they needed. Clear pathways for payment processing were integrated, reducing friction and enhancing the overall transaction experience. The wireframes served as a blueprint for the subsequent design phases.

UI Design

In the UI design phase, we infused the platform with a modern and visually appealing aesthetic. A cohesive color scheme, along with clear and concise typography, was employed to enhance readability and visual hierarchy. The interface now boasted a balance between professionalism and approachability, catering to both fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

User Facing Platform
Instructor Facing Platform
Custom Bios

What we delivered

We delivered a revitalized IndiFIT platform, seamlessly blending user-centric design with functional enhancements. Our comprehensive solutions included streamlined navigation, a robust payment system, and personalized features, creating an engaging space for fitness instructors to thrive and users to embark on their fitness journeys with ease.

700+ Hours

Focused design work

80+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screen Designed

Design System

To maintain consistency across the platform, we developed a robust design system. This system included standardized components, color palettes, typography guidelines, and iconography. The design system not only facilitated a cohesive and harmonious visual identity but also expedited future updates and expansions.