In this comprehensive case study, we delve into how we collaborated with GrowMore, a prominent HR Process Outsourcing platform, to craft a cutting-edge corporate website design from scratch.

What we did





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GrowMore, an HR Process Outsourcing Platform, sought to design their corporate website with the aim of enhancing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and providing a more engaging user experience. GrowMore was determined to establish a stronger online presence, effectively communicate their services and products, and drive greater user engagement.

Problem Statements

GrowMore, an HR Process Outsourcing Platform, faced the dual challenge of an absent online presence and complex, lengthy process documents. Their lack of a website hindered reaching a broader audience, while the complex documents made it challenging for clients to understand their services.

Absence of an Online Presence

GrowMore lacked a digital presence, which hindered their ability to reach a broader audience and compete in the online marketplace.

No Conversion Strategy

With no existing website, there was a need for a comprehensive strategy to convert website visitors into leads and clients effectively.

User Engagement Challenge

The challenge was to design a website that would captivate users’ attention, promote interaction, and reduce bounce rates.

Brand Establishment

Establishing a strong brand identity and maintaining consistency across all digital assets was a critical challenge for GrowMore.

Complex and Lengthy Process Documents

GrowMore’s processes were documented in complex and lengthy documents, making it challenging for clients and prospects to understand their services effectively.

Our Approach

To address these issues, we developed a strategic website from scratch, focused on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We designed an engaging user experience, crafted custom illustrations to simplify their processes, and established a distinctive brand identity. These solutions successfully bridged the gap in their online presence and improved client understanding of their services.

Strategic Website Design

We began by strategizing the website’s Design from the ground up, ensuring it aligned with GrowMore’s business goals and target audience needs.

CRO-Centric Approach

As this was a fresh project, we designed the website with a primary focus on CRO, incorporating clear calls-to-action, lead generation forms, and visitor engagement elements.

Engaging User Experience

We crafted an intuitive and visually appealing user experience with an emphasis on responsive design and easy navigation.

Engaging User Experience

We crafted an intuitive and visually appealing user experience with an emphasis on responsive design and easy navigation.

Simplified Process Illustrations

To address the challenge of complex and lengthy process documents, we created custom illustrations that visually presented their services, making it easier for clients and prospects to understand their processes.


Custom wireframes were meticulously crafted to lay the foundation for the website. They established the information hierarchy, ensuring essential content was highlighted, and CRO elements were strategically placed for optimal conversion.

UI Design

The UI design phase brought the wireframes to life with a fresh and modern approach. It focused on readability, visual appeal, and responsive design to create an engaging user interface.

Home Page
Sub Pages

Design System

We developed a comprehensive design system that encompassed fonts, colors, icons, and overall branding elements. This system ensured a consistent and visually pleasing online presence for GrowMore.

What we delivered

We delivered a strategically designed corporate website optimized for CRO, featuring a clean user interface, custom illustrations for simplified process communication, and a cohesive design system to enhance GrowMore’s online presence.

100+ Hours

Focused design work

24+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


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