We fueled Crowdinnion’s SaaS success with expert UI/UX design, creating a seamless, intuitive experience that redefines user engagement.

What we did





1 Month


Crowdinnio, a platform akin to crowdfunding for company campaigns, sought our expertise to streamline their intricate multi-user system. Our mission encompassed the design of a user-friendly and engaging user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for both desktop and mobile platforms, making it effortless for users to invest in company campaigns.

Problem Statements

Investing in company campaigns on Crowdinnio had become a complex and frustrating experience for users, with navigation challenges and usability issues.

Complex Multi-User System

Crowdinnio’s platform was intricate, causing usability issues for backers, creators, and administrators.

Usability Challenges

Users encountered difficulties navigating and participating in company campaigns.

Cross-Platform Challenges

Ensuring a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile presented technical hurdles.

Competitive Market

The crowdfunding arena demanded innovation to stand out and attract users.

Payment User Confusion

The existing payment interface on Crowdinnio was causing user confusion and frustration due to its complex design and lack of clarity.


Our comprehensive approach involved a complete platform redesign to simplify processes, enhance usability, and ensure seamless multi-platform access, ultimately making investment in company campaigns effortless and engaging.

UX and UI Enhancement

A comprehensive redesign focused on simplifying intricate processes and enhancing overall usability.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensured seamless accessibility and user-friendliness on both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Streamlined User Flows

User flows for investors and campaign organizers were optimized for a more intuitive experience.

Performance Optimization

Technical improvements were implemented to enhance platform speed, reliability, and scalability.

Redesigned Payment Flow

We revamped the payment flow, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, with clear and concise instructions at every step.

Visual Clarity

Improved the UI design of the payment interface, focusing on visual clarity and user guidance to minimize user errors and enhance the overall payment experience.

Usability Testing

Conducted extensive usability testing to gather user feedback and iteratively refine the payment process, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free experience for investors and campaign organizers.

Intuitive navigation patterns

Our redesign emphasized user navigation, redefining the information architecture (IA) and user flows. This ensured that investors and campaign organizers could effortlessly discover and participate in campaigns, fostering engagement and accessibility.

Information Architecture
User Flow


Wireframes served as the blueprint for the platform’s redesign, providing a visual roadmap for development. These wireframes ensured alignment with Crowdinnio’s vision and user-centric design principles.

UI Design

Our UI design transformed the platform’s visual identity into a modern, visually appealing interface. It was not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and consistent across desktop and mobile platforms.

Home Page
Sub Pages

What we delivered

Our collaboration with Crowdinnio resulted in a platform that simplified a complex multi-user system, making it accessible and engaging for investors and campaign organizers across both desktop and mobile platforms. We delivered a comprehensive redesign that addressed usability challenges, ensuring Crowdinnio’s continued success in the competitive investment platform market.

120+ Hours

Focused design work

24+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screen Designed

Design System

A comprehensive style guide was established to maintain design consistency, encompassing typography, color schemes, iconography, and visual elements. This guide facilitated future design updates and upheld a unified brand image.


The Crowdinnio project reinforced the significance of user-centric design and cross-platform accessibility. It underscored the potential of simplifying complex systems to improve user engagement and accessibility, enhancing the investment experience. This case study highlights our dedication to delivering excellence in digital solutions in a competitive landscape.