Explore how we helped Hottubwinkel, a seasoned hot tub provider since 1993, harness the power of a custom eCommerce website to revolutionize their sales strategy and extend their market reach in the digital era.

What we did





1 Month


Hottubwinkel, a well-established provider of hot tubs since 1993, was facing a significant challenge in the digital age – they lacked an online presence for selling their products. In an increasingly competitive market, they realized the need to have a robust eCommerce website to reach a wider audience and streamline their sales process.

Problem Statements

Deliver a design that fosters efficient, delightful, and inclusive interactions, ultimately transforming the software into an indispensable tool for modern communication needs.
Address information overload, navigation hurdles, and feature discoverability, while maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

Limited Reach

Hottubwinkel’s absence from the online marketplace restricted their reach to potential customers, leaving them reliant on physical store visits and word-of-mouth referrals.

Inefficient Sales Process

Without an eCommerce platform, the company was grappling with a labor-intensive, paper-based order processing system, leading to errors and inefficiencies.

Our Approach

We begin by conducting in-depth user research to understand diverse needs and pain points. Leveraging this insight, we create a streamlined information architecture that organizes features logically.

Custom eCommerce Development

We designed and developed a fully customized eCommerce website from scratch, tailored to Hottubwinkel’s specific needs.

Streamlined Order Processing

Our solution included an integrated order management system, allowing for seamless processing, order tracking, and inventory management.


We began the project by creating a comprehensive wireframe, mapping out the website’s structure and functionality. This wireframe served as the foundation for the website’s development, ensuring all essential features were included and easily navigable.

UI Design

Our UI design focused on delivering a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. We emphasized a clean, intuitive design that encouraged potential customers to explore the range of hot tubs available and make informed decisions.

Home Page
Sub Pages

What we delivered

We designed a secure and responsive eCommerce website for Hottubwinkel. Our design included product listings, detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and a straightforward checkout process. We designed payment gateways, customer reviews, and a customer support chatbot for a seamless shopping experience.

120+ Hours

Focused design work

8+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screens Designed

Design System

To maintain consistency throughout the website, we established a design system that encompassed color schemes, typography, and user interface elements. This design system ensured a cohesive and professional look for Hottubwinkel’s online presence.


With the launch of their custom eCommerce website, Hottubwinkel has taken a significant step towards modernizing their business. They can now reach a broader audience, improve customer engagement, and streamline their sales process. The website not only enhances their online presence but also positions them for growth and success in the digital age.