Team RP UXCollab helps to streamline the user experience and boost competitiveness.

What we did
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4 Months


CallFusion, a leading provider of multichannel contact center software, approached our team for assistance in enhancing their user experience. Their software enabled the creation of master admin accounts who, in turn, could create tenant admin profiles. These tenant admins had the ability to create agents with access to PBX and call center features. Our goal was to streamline the user journey, improve usability, and provide a more intuitive interface for all users, ultimately elevating CallFusion’s call center software to new heights.

Problem Statements

CallFusion’s multichannel contact center software faced a series of complex challenges that hindered user adoption and overall competitiveness.

Complex User Journey

Navigating the software proved convoluted, especially for tenant admins and agents.

Usability Issues

Users encountered difficulties in accessing and utilizing key features, impacting productivity.

Inconsistent Design

The interface lacked cohesion and a visually appealing design, potentially eroding trust.

Competition Pressure

The multichannel contact center software market was becoming increasingly competitive, necessitating a modernized solution to stand out.

Our Solutions

Our comprehensive approach aimed to address these issues head-on, transforming CallFusion’s software into a user-friendly, competitive powerhouse.

UX Audit

Conducted a comprehensive audit to exceed industry standards, enhancing usability, performance, and accessibility.

UX Research

In-depth user research provided critical insights into pain points and user needs, guiding design decisions.

Usability Testing

Gathered user feedback iteratively to refine the design, ensuring it met user and accessibility requirements.

UI/UX Design

Redesigned the interface for an improved user experience, emphasizing clarity, accessibility, and aesthetics.

Intuitive navigation patterns

We restructured the information architecture and user flows to create a more intuitive navigation pattern. This involved simplifying the process of creating and managing admin and agent accounts, ensuring that users could effortlessly access PBX and call center features.

Information Architecture
User Flow


Our team developed wireframes that provided a clear blueprint for the new interface. These wireframes were essential in visualizing the redesigned software and aligning the team’s vision with CallFusion’s requirements.

UI Design

We transformed the software’s visual identity, creating a clean, modern, and visually appealing interface. The new UI design prioritized user-friendly elements and a consistent design language, enhancing the overall user experience.

What we delivered

Our team delivered a user-centered, intuitive, and visually pleasing interface that addressed CallFusion’s initial challenges. The software now boasts improved usability, streamlined navigation, and a competitive edge in the multichannel contact center software market.

640+ Hours

Focused design work

80+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings

350+ Screens


Style Guide

To maintain consistency, we developed a style guide that outlined the software’s visual elements, typography, color palette, and iconography. This guide served as a reference for future design updates and ensured a unified look and feel across the software.


Our collaboration with CallFusion exemplified the importance of a user-centered approach and inclusive design principles. By tackling complex user journey issues, enhancing usability, unifying the interface, and prioritizing accessibility, we not only resolved immediate challenges but also empowered CallFusion with a competitive edge. This project reinforced our commitment to creating effective, user-friendly, and inclusive solutions in the dynamic landscape of contact center software.