Bombay Software

Discover how we helped Bombay Software, a SaaS company specializing in Tailored Software Solutions, redefine their identity and establish a strong online presence from scratch, elevating their position in the competitive market.

What we did





1 Month


Bombay Software, a SaaS company specializing in Tailored Software Solutions with Exceptional Performance, approached us with a unique challenge. Despite their remarkable expertise in software development, they lacked a strong online presence due to the absence of branding and a corporate website. Our mission was to create a compelling brand identity and design a user-friendly website that would showcase their exceptional software services.

Problem Statements

Bombay Software found itself lost in a sea of competitors due to a lack of a distinct brand identity and a corporate website to showcase their exceptional software services.

Lack of Branding

Bombay Software had no established brand identity, which hindered their ability to stand out in a competitive market.

Missing Web Presence

Without a corporate website, they were unable to effectively communicate their services, expertise, and value to potential clients.

Our Solutions

To design Bombay Software’s online presence and market positioning, we embarked on a journey to create a powerful brand identity and a user-friendly corporate website that would propel them to the forefront of their industry.

Brand Development

We crafted a unique and memorable brand identity that reflected Bombay Software’s commitment to tailored software solutions and exceptional performance.

Corporate Website

We designed and developed a user-friendly corporate website that effectively communicated their services and showcased their expertise.


Before delving into the design process, we created detailed wireframes to map out the website’s structure and user flow. This step ensured that the website would be intuitive and user-centric, providing an optimal user experience.

UI Design

Our UI design focused on creating a visually appealing and responsive interface that conveyed the essence of Bombay Software’s brand. We utilized modern design trends, intuitive navigation, and a harmonious color palette to enhance the user’s interaction with the website.

Home Page
Sub Pages

What we delivered

We conducted extensive research on Bombay Software’s competitors, industry, and target audience to inform our branding and website design process. This research served as the foundation for the creation of a unique brand identity that resonated with their clients.

80+ Hours

Focused design work

8+ Hours

Discovery sessions and feedback meetings


Screens Designed

Design System

To maintain consistency across the website and future materials, we developed a comprehensive design system. This system included guidelines for typography, color schemes, button styles, and other design elements. It allowed for seamless integration of the brand identity into all aspects of Bombay Software’s online and offline presence.


Our collaboration with Bombay Software transformed their online presence, enabling them to stand out in the competitive software solutions market. The new branding and corporate website not only showcase their exceptional software services but also communicate their commitment to tailored solutions. The success of this project highlights the importance of a strong online presence and a cohesive brand identity for businesses in today’s digital age. Bombay Software is now better positioned to attract and engage potential clients, thanks to our tailored solutions and exceptional performance in design and branding.