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RP UXCollab is an established accountant web design and web development company in the USA.

Our accounting website design manifests competence, trust, and expertise. We plan, use the right tools, carry out enough research, and acquire skills to achieve these goals.

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Accounting Firm Website Design To Make Life Better

Revival Pixel makes your life better when you seek its services.

Revival Pixel is a known web design and web development company in the USA, making life better for its patrons who come for their accounting firm website design services. Let’s look at a glance at our value-adding services.

CMS-based Solution
Hero Image Section:

Instead of talking about your services, we talk about how your services can make life better for your patrons. We tell them how you can add value to their life once they come for your assistance. It makes great sense in itself.

Clear Contetnt
Be Modern:

Branding makes you modern. So, create and insert your logo as a part of branding. Use vibrant colors to show how your patrons are happy after using your services. Use the latest website design practices to remain contemporary.

Easy Search
Search Bar:

The search bar is an immediate solution to achieve targeted content/page by overriding a long navigation journey. Moreover, most tech-savvy users use it and prefer it. So, its inclusion in your web pages makes a difference.

Social Media
Social Media:

We are living in the social media era where our digital transformation also experiences everything socially. Therefore, we integrate social media and make it social media-friendly. So, your customers can interact directly with social media and share your content easily.

Accountant Website Design
Headline Section:

We emphasize the headline texts and make them clear, not clever. Similarly, we go to the point when crafting the headline instead of using a generic website. We talk more about our clients' target audience, not about them. Thus, we make winning headlines.

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Create Engagement:

You will find user engagement through design elements, multimedia content, and texts on your website. It lowers the bounce rate and pushes the users ahead in their customer journey. A low bounce rate improves the search ranking and gives advantages of natural traffic on your website. We realize everything on your website.

Useful Integration
Valuable Support:

Client or customer support increases the satisfaction rate. Therefore, your website should have the latest chat-based support that lets your customers quickly interact with your support team. We will integrate the latest Chatbot technology with your website in due course.


Website accessibility standards can be a breakdown into four principles:

  •  Perceivable
  •  Operable
  •  Comprehensive
  •  Robust

WCAG 2.1 is an international standard, while ADA (American Disability Act) is for the USA.

Effective CTAs
CTA Section:

We use multiple call-to-action sections to inspire your website visitors to take desired actions if needed. We don't use a salesy CTA but prefer something straightforward that leads users to act promptly. Moreover, we follow the F-pattern and place CTA accordingly.

Photo Realistic Images
Showing Value:

We must show the value of your accounting service to your website visitors. You can show what value you add to their lives and businesses. We can use icons or images that represent the value in due course. Moreover, an effective title can help us propagate values. And don't forget to use bullets to make your texts easy to scan.


Today, everyone knows how to use Google Maps and get real-time directions to reach a destination. Therefore, your website must have a location module integrated and serve your clients explicitly. So, we select the best location service for your website.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Modern Accounting Website Design To Make Your Business Contemporary

Revival Pixel is an accounting website design agency that saves your accounting business from looking outdated.

Effective CTAs
A Bit of Fear:

We add a tiny bit of fear if your prospects are not using your services, such as losing business or being deprived of growth. However, it helps in conversion a lot.

Social Media
Social Media Integration:

Today, social media usage is high everywhere, and you can not deprive your users who want to say something on social media networking sites. Therefore, social media integration is crucial and of utmost necessity, and we do it.

Custom Calculator:

A cost calculator always removes ambiguity in dealing by providing a rough estimation of the cost of your accounting services.

Online Appointment calender
Online Appointment:

Online appointments ease the meetings with your clientele. So we integrate a calendar with your website and help you schedule the meetings.


You will have a testimonial section with meaningful images and texts combination. The image carries a visual message, while texts create emotional impacts.

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Images & Videos:

Indeed, the accounting firm's website does not look good with home garden backgrounds. But, we can add a happy figure to display how an accounting firm can make its customers happy and add value to their life using their services.

Online Payment
Online Payment:

You can pay at once with an online payment module or divide it into a milestone. In addition, our various payment methods and payment gateway integration ease online payment.

Team Info
Owner & Team Photos:

Photos of the owner and team members make sense when you want to build confidence among your customers. In addition, some descriptions of their roles increase user engagement and individual rapport. So, we present photos of your team with their profiles.

CMS-based Solution
Clean & Uniform Design:

The minimalist approach to design makes sense. Your website must have enough white spaces and only essential UI elements. Similarly, uniformity in design leaves a good impression on the minds of onlookers. We take care of all.


Our integration of cloud services and software like CRM, CMS, etc. Assists business growth. Our blog integration extends the functionality of your website one level up.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

Why do accountants need a website?

Accounting is a highly competitive field. Every accountant needs to stand out and get more clients. Website for accountants gives them an edge over their fellow accountants and lets them grow in their business.

What are the benefits of a website for an accounting firm?

An accounting firm needs a website for the following main benefits:

  •  To reach their target audience
  •  Generate traffics
  •  Convert their prospects into clients
  •  Find and target new clients
  •  Increase brand awareness
What makes a good website design for accountants?

Some essential elements of website design make it a great endeavor.

  •  Clean menus and information architecture
  •  Call to action with efficiency
  •  Easy navigation to find desired content quickly
  •  Mobile optimization
  •  Ease in downloading content
How can an accounting firm help its clients?

An accounting firm or an accountant helps its clients in a multitude of ways:

  •  Accounts payable and receivable
  •  Payroll processes
  •  Bookkeeping
  •  Assure financial transactions are legal and accurate
  •  Creating financial statements to understand the health of finances of an individual or a business.
What are CPAs?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountants. They have passed a State licensing exam. As a result, they are permitted to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

So, We Invite Wellness Industry To Leverage Our Expertise In Their Favor.

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