Explore Vue JS As A Progressive JS Framework

Vue JS is a progressive JavaScript framework to create the front end of applications. It is an approachable, performant, and versatile framework to yield interactive and dynamic UIs. Revival Pixels has an advanced Vue JS application development team with avant-garde infrastructure. Moreover, we have an impressive portfolio to assure our claims.

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Our Out-of-Box Vue JS Frontend Development Services

Custom Vue JS Development

We mingle our expertise and core components of Vue JS to deliver a tailor-made solution to meet the unique requirements of the client's business.

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Fluid & Interactive Design-min

UI Component Development

Vue JS lets developers create reusable UI components that we use in multiple projects. It speeds up the development process and saves valuable time.

Single Page Application

We explore the capabilities of Vue JS to create single-page applications quickly and cost-efficiently. Thus, you will have a robust single-page application meeting your needs.

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We Make Your Frontend Alluring

If you crave stunning, interactive, pixel-perfect web and mobile applications that your frontend users love, there is no better place than Revival Pixels. We connect functionality with an appearance in our exemplary frontend services to deliver user-centric web and mobile solutions.

Why Should You Choose us for Vue JS Development?


We have achieved commendable expertise in the Vue JS framework by working on several projects for different business niches.

Data Security-1

We sign an NDA to ensure your data and info security with us. We take every possible measure to avert data breaches and theft.

Employee Friendly Policy-1

We foster a culture of collaborative development by providing the latest collaboration tools and employing the best practices.

Useful Integration
Client Experience

We provide the best ever client experience through our PMS and honor client feedback on each stage of development.

Result oriented

Vue JS designers and developers are result-oriented and work hard to make your project a success legend.

Cost effective

We are taking every possible step to make the project cost-effective by using the tools and coding practices to deliver code fast.

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Design a UI/UX for a hottub selling company

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Design a UI for a secure VPN app with interactive UX.

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Design a UX/UI for an interactive online learning SAAS software

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Design a SaaS software and website UI for easy-to-use booking and business management tools for fitness & wellness instructors.

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What Clients Says

We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

"Ankit helped me rebuild my website to my exact specifications and it meets my expectations down to the last detail. He also implemented the requirements for mobile devices wonderfully. Communication was straightforward as always and worked very quickly. Highly recommended."

"Ankit is very professional, helpful and very solution-oriented. I work with him again and again and am absolutely satisfied."

"All my wishes for the job have been fulfilled in the best possible way. As always, I am very happy with Ankit!"

"Ankit and his team delivered above and beyond and are highly skilled at backend and frontend development. They even filled in the gaps where we missed something in the dev brief. I'd recommend them to anyone and we'll be using them again in the future."

Frequently Ask Questions

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience

We offer the following services for Vue JS development.

  • Vue JS consulting
  • Vue JS storefront development
  • Vue JS integration services
  • Vue JS migration services
  • Vue JS interactive dashboard development
  • Vue JS single-page app development
  • Vue JS eShop and Marketplace development
  • Vue JS social and interactive app development
  • Vue JS support and maintenance services

We can perform the following operations using Vue JS DevTools.

  • It offers dark themes.
  • It has a timeline to display information regarding events.
  • You can format component names.

The following tools make developers’ life easier.

  • Testing libraries.
  • Component libraries.
  • Miscellaneous libraries.

The following are the main extensions contributing to writing Vue JS code.

  • Vetur
  • Bookmarks
  • Eslint
  • Vue JS extension pack

The following benefits attract businesses and developers alike to use the Vue JS framework for their front-end development.

  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s easy to learn and use.
  • It has easily readable code and single-file components.
  • It offers a wide range of front-end development tools.
  • It is flexible and easy to integrate with other frameworks/technologies.
  • It's a progressive framework.
  • It supports intensive customization.

The following factors are responsible for the costs of the Vue JS development framework.

  • Nature of the project.
  • Nature of industry or business niche.
  • Complexities involved in the project.
  • Size of the project.
  • Several features and functions are required.
  • Amount of required resources.
  • Types of technologies and tools.
  • Timeline of the project.

The following are the main things we need to consider before hiring a Vue JS development company.

  • Portfolio and case studies to judge capacities.
  • Prior experience in Vue JS development projects.
  • Hire developer resources.
  • Testimonials with reference to real clients.
  • Mode of communication.
  • Costs of the project.

Vue JS is a progressive JavaScript framework. It is approachable. It is built on top of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It has intuitive API and world-class documentation.


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