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RP UXCollab to hit your goals.

RP UXCollab is a commercial real estate web design company in the USA.

Our prime goal is to build the trust of your real estate agency among your real estate buyers using the power of our website design skills.

We employ various strategies, tactics, and techniques to bring a high conversion ratio. In due course:

  • We design a website that brings viewers inside the listed properties. It pumps them to visit your property in person.
  • We place a face to your agency name that lets viewers feel like you are known to them even before they meet you the first time.
  • Use Maps smartly that display where your listed properties are located.

Luxury Real Estate Website Design That Brings You Inside

Revival Pixel offers luxury real estate website design services.

Revival Pixel treats all sectors of real estate web designs equally; be it modern real estate website design, luxury real estate website design; be it commercial real estate website design.

Photo Realistic Images
Photo Realistic Images:

The real estate business greatly deals with photos of listed properties. We use high-resolution images of properties taken by professional photographers at the most suitable angles. The client has to provide such images to us. Your website that highlights beautiful spaces can make sales a cinch.


When a buyer or rental moves into the property, they move into a new neighborhood. Thereby, we emphasize location technology (Maps) to know the exact location and help them use locals' photography.

Embed Walkthrough
Embed Walkthrough:

We compel viewers to imagine that they are living or working in those spaces by offering Walkthrough videos or GIFs, especially for luxury real estate properties.

Real Estate Calculator:

The real estate business demands investment from its buyers or rentals. So, they need computational aids before making any decision. Our custom real estate calculator will serve your purpose beautifully.


Real estate buyers should be treated exclusively, and we do it by offering personalization features in your real estate website design. Personalization on the website will treat them based on their inputs, including a budget, living standards, social status, etc.

Website Accessibility:

We know your real estate clients/customers may be people with disabilities. Therefore, we create your real estate website design ADA compliance or WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Modern Real Estate Website Design To Make Great Deals

Revival Pixel is a reputed real estate website design company in the USA. We know that 93% of prospects take the help of the website while searching for a property to buy or lease.

Useful Integration
Useful Integration:

According to your business requirements, we integrate cloud services and third-party software with your website, such as CMS, CRM, ERP, Maps, Chatbot, etc.

Testimonials icon

Honest opinion and real experience matter more in the real estate industry. So, we publish buyers' testimonials on your website with the required contact details. So others can verify them.

Team Info
Team Info:

The success of the real estate business depends on teamwork. Therefore, we publish short bio-data of the team with their photos.

Effective CTAs
Effective CTAs:

CTAs can be effective when you do them correctly. So, we give ample white spaces around the CTA boxes/blocks. Use contrasting colors to highlight them, and use eye-catchy design. We use action-oriented CTA texts to make them effective.

Data Security
Data Security:

Overall, security is our priority. We use encryption technologies to make your data and transactions secure. In addition, we equip your website with an SSL certificate, scanning and monitoring security software, and firewalls.

Online Appointment
Online Appointment:

The online appointment module is easy to connect and interact with real estate buyers or rentals. So, we integrate it and facilitate your customers to get appointments.

Online Appointment
Business Information:

Quick business info, such as phone number, email address, and physical address, are essential to display on your website. So, we give them top priority and place them above the fold on the website.

Mobile friendly

Mobiles are everywhere, and we use mobile devices a lot. Considering this fact, we prepare a responsive web design for your website to give a consistent user experience across the devices.

Fast Loading
Fast Loading:

A real estate website always contains high-resolution photography and multimedia content. Therefore, we take special care of its page loading speed. We employ the latest technologies to mitigate that issue.

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation:

Simple navigation is the key to facilitating real estate users to get their desired pages without much hassle. So, we keep information architecture categorized and comprehensive. Moreover, we use more than one navigation scheme on your website.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

Why do you need a website for your real estate business?

Everybody is now online and uses the web for their every need, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices. Therefore, your real estate business must have a website to cover a vast audience available on mobiles. It also gives your business a branding opportunity and interacts directly with your customers.

What are the components of a real estate business?

The main components of the real estate business are:

  • Buyers who buy the properties
  • Landlords who rent the properties on lease.
  • Sellers who sell the properties
  • Brokers who act as middlemen


What does a real estate listing website do?

The prime role of a real estate website is to connect buyers with sellers. It saves time and effort on both sides. It bridges the gap between both parties.

What are the characteristics of a good real estate website?

Here are some takeaways:

  • High performance
  • Photogenic images
  • Enough contact details and location map
  • Adequate description of listed properties
  • Marketing-friendly
  • SEO-friendly
  • Accessible for all
Why must real estate website design follow accessibility standards?

Accessibility standards or acts give accessibility to your real estate website to people with all kinds of disabilities. ADA compliance stands for American Disability Act, while WCAG 2.0 AA standards are international and demand robust, understandable, operable, and accessible websites.

Let's Obtain Benefits of a Commercial Real Estate Web Design Company.

Revival Pixel is a known commercial real estate website design company in the USA. It has a pool of talented real estate website designers and developers with the required expertise and experience.

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