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RP UXCollab is a famous medical web design and web development company in the USA.

Our priority is to provide features and functionality in your website design according to your professional medical needs. So, it can help you in your business in the first place and expand it over time.

  • We design for attraction.
  • We design for engagement.
  • We design for conversion.

Custom Medical Website Design To Address Your Bespoken Pain Points

Revival Pixel provides the best patient experience.

We intend to offer the best patient experience through our website design. In due course, we will provide the required tools, features, and functions for your medical website. So let’s learn something more.


We create a professional medical website accessible to all regardless of their ability and on every device. Therefore, we apply the ADA standards prescribed by the American Disability Act. We also follow WCAG-like international standards for website disability access.

Clear Contetnt
Clear Content

Content is the king, and the right presentation makes it meaningful for the target audience. Therefore, we follow the right content marketing strategies and place content clearly and crisply.

Easy Search
Easy Search

On-site search is the quick way to find desired content on your website without traversing a long navigation path. Therefore, tech-savvy patients always take the help of the on-site search feature.

Social Media
SEO-friendly Solution

There are many ways to make a website SEO-friendly while it is under construction. Revival Pixel has a team of medical website designers and developers who have the knacks to do so professionally, including technical SEO and various general SEO aspects.

Meeting Expectations
Meeting Expectations

We let medical professionals showcase what they do to serve the patients who come with some expectations. In due course, a comprehensive website can play a vital role in digital identity, and we create it through the digital transformation of your business.

Domain Expertise
Hosts of Tools

Third-party tools are extending the functionality and features of the website. Therefore, we use third-party software and apps available in the ecosystem of HubSpot, Webflow, and WordPress-like platforms.

Effective CTAs
Effective CTAs

The ultimate goal of your website is conversion, and CTAs are the best instrument to achieve the same. Creating prominent CTAs in the right places full of white spaces and highlighting colors can make them outstanding among other content.


A blog is a two-way sword: it lets you give insights into your services and give detailed knowledge on various current medical affairs in the industry. Plus, push your website on the ladder of SERPs ranking. So, we integrate the blog with your website.

Easy Navigation
Simple Navigation

We comprehensively create the website's content architecture and apply very simple navigation schemes. Thus, patients can find their required content with a few clicks without hassle.

CMS-based Solution
CMS-based Solution

For website marketing, content management is vital, and CMS is the way to do it efficiently. So, we select the right CMS, and that would be HubSpot, Webflow, and WordPress CMS solutions.

Useful Integration
Strong Support

In the case of medical emergencies, instant online support can make sense till the ambulance arrives. Similarly, getting quick answers to patients' questions increases the patient satisfaction rate for your medical profession, and we incorporate it all beautifully on your website.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Modern Medical Website Design To Be A Traffic Magnet

Revival Pixel is a modern medical website design agency in the USA. We know how to do modern medical website design integrating the latest technology software and services.

Fast Loading
Super-fast Speed:

We know our patients have little patience. So, we don’t let them wait much when website loading is concerned. We thoroughly optimize your website for high-speed loading and quick UI interactions.

Photo Realistic Images
Decent Photography:

We select only relevant and unique photos and videos relevant to your message on the website to upload. Therefore, we grab the immediate attention of onlookers.


Finding a clinic or hospital is crucial for a patient in need. Google Maps-like apps offer location and directions to reach your place quickly. We integrate such Maps and location apps with your website.

No Coding Require
Medical Custom Calculator:

Medical calculators for doctors and patients both are available on your online website. It may come with:

  •  Slider and a text field for
    the input value.
  •  Checkbox and round-box
    for options.
  •  Formula field.
  •  Graphs and charts.
  •  Send the result field.
Mobile friendly
Responsive Web Design:

We take a mobile-first approach while designing your website. We implement responsive web design techniques to bring the best traffic for you.

Target Audience Understanding
Coherent Messages:

We furnish complete details of our medical doctors and other professionals working with us on the site. So, patients can know who is working for what.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Patient testimonials are social proof of your expertise and experience in your domain. You can earn trust and new patients by showcasing them the correct way.

Attractive Animations
Attractive Animations:

Animation is a quick way to simplify complex things and deliver your message to your patients regarding your services. Therefore, we use them wherever they are appropriate.

Useful Integration
Interactive Conversation:

We have hands-on expertise in providing seamless Chatbot integration to create interactive conversations with patients and prospects.

Online Appointment calender
Online Appointment:

You can find and book an appointment with:

  •  Doctors
  •  Clinics
  •  Hospitals
  •  Diagnostic labs
  •  Order medicines

You can inquire about the health and medical questions. In addition, you can cancel or modify the schedule of appointments.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

What is a medical website?

It is a website that provides a common anchor point to medical professionals, medical resources, and patients

What services does a medical website include?

The medical website offers services that benefit patients and other stakeholders, including appointment booking, diagnostic and treatment data, tests, and health monitoring.

How does your website use telemedicine?

We use telecommunication tools to provide telemedicine services that range from diagnostic to treatment and even telesurgery in case of communication channels between clinics. Such tools are:

  • Remote vital monitoring.
  • Virtual stethoscopes.
  • Wireless scales.
  • Thermometers.
  • Digital otoscopes.
  • Pulse oximeters.
  • High-quality cameras for specialty practices.
  • HIPAA-compliant software.
What makes an effective medical website?

Medical websites must disclose the facts of the primary services. Thus, patients can know whether the service is befitting their requirements or not.

What should an ideal medical website include?

Apart from the homepage, about page, Contact Us, Landing pages, Blogs, and services, it must include an FAQs page and patient testimonials, vital to establishing trust.

So, We Appeal to Medicos Be Ready for a Website that Makes Sense for Your Profession.

Revival Pixel is an ideal place to meet your profession-specific requirements at once. You will get a robust website design befitting addressing your pain points gracefully.

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