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RP UXCollab is an established law firm web design company in the USA.

With law firm web design, you’ll get a cornerstone of your web presence: a website.

  • Your website is the place where you can receive inquiries about your law/attorney profession.
  • It is a place where you can show your expertise and authority in law.
  • Finally, it is a place where you can drive your traffic and get a conversion.

Attorney Website Design To Make Legal Services Handy

Revival Pixel helps you get legal services online quickly.
Revival Pixel is a leading attorney website design firm that helps your prospects make informed decisions and buy your legal services online.

CMS-based Solution
Low Scroll:

Of course, scrolling on a mobile device is a good experience, but when it is to find something useful, it is intimidating to the users. Therefore, we keep the length of your content minimal on the landing pages and other pages too.

Mobile friendly
Responsive Web Design:

Today, most of your web audience uses mobile devices, and the rest also use other devices. If we wish to cover them all, responsive web design is only the way to provide a seamless user experience across the different screens.

Easy Search

Natural traffic is an excellent way to grow your law firm in modern digital marketing. So, we make it SEO-friendly in all aspects of search/digital marketing. You will have technical SEO aspects covered while building your website design using different platforms.

Online Appointment
Business Information:

Some business information is critical for clients in your law firm business, and that must be published on the website where they can find it easily. So, we palace your phone number, email address, and other contact details on top of your website pages.

Clean Sitemap
Clean Sitemap:

It is noteworthy that many web visitors use the sitemap to find out their expected destination pages on a site. The same is true for the bots, as they use an XML sitemap to index your pages. So, we create and include both types of sitemaps on your website.


Location, location, and location. Location is everything to help reach your prospects physically at your law firm. So, we offer integration of location maps and interactive directions to ease navigating your location.

Data Security
Website Security:

A law firm's website means dealing with a lot of sensitive data. Therefore, we implement all the latest security standards and arsenals, including SSL certificates, encryption technologies, and security scanning and monitoring software.


Today, website accessibility is important for all disabled. In due course, web designers must follow WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliance. The first one is an international standard that is based on four principles: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

ADA is a short form of the American Disability Act to make website content accessible to all irrespective of their disability.

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation:

Navigation schemes grab the immediate attention of your visitors who are looking for something on your website. So, we create an easy and comprehensive information architecture and implement it in your navigation schemes. Thus, we can easily win the battle of conversion.

Referral Pages
Referral Pages:

We create an online referral program and display it on your website with appropriate incentives. Lucrative offers may give you inquiries through online and offline referral programs. Yso, we create a simple referral process and implement a tracking tool on your website.

Useful Integration
Strong Support:

Attending queries of your prospect can improve your conversion rate. So, strong support is mandatory to win your prospects and clients who have questions regarding your attorney services. Quick response and round-the-clock services are nice to have an idea and we do it.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Modern Law Firm Website Design To Be Remain Contemporary

Revival Pixel is a renowned law website design company in the USA. The team has strong law firm web design fundamentals that we can implement in your website and give you ultimate success.

Online Reviews:

Online rating, reviews, and testimonial content boost trust among your law firm’s website customers. So, we give each section some space and see the difference they create. Of course, we allow you to import ratings and reviews from 3rd party sites.

Easy Search
Lead Magnet:

We integrate tools such as lead magnets, guides, checklists, quizzes, white papers, and printables. High-quality lead magnets easily convince visitors to exchange their contact details with you.

Online Payment

Today, we have tons of online payment methods, and most are secure and favorite among people. Therefore, we integrate famous online payment methods and payment gateways.

Social Media
Team Info:

Team photos, titles, and descriptions are crucial things to win the trust of your law firm clients. So, we place these essential elements. All in storytelling ways. While publishing photos of lawyers and their assistants bear in mind that they must be in professional uniforms, not in fancy dresses.

Clear Contetnt
Content Marketing:

You can generate high-quality and useful content using blogs, podcasts, and social media channels to make your content marketing strategy effective. In addition, you can integrate blogs and tools for podcasting into your website.

Clear Contetnt

Using plenty of white spaces, short paras, short sentences, and simple language improves overall readability. So, we spread visuals like photos and videos across the pages. Readable typography, like fonts and their size, is important in due course.

Custom Calculator:

It would be best if you had a customized calculator for your law firm business, so we integrate it with your website to help you with your law firm clients. It will ease costs and may remove a lot of ambiguities between you both.

Effective CTAs
Effective CTAs:

Your CTAs should be short and sweet, telling your message straightforwardly. So, we use call-out boxes, pop-ups, and heading to make it stand out. Moreover, we use power words to generate an emotional response.

Fast Loading

Page loading speed is a vital factor in the improvement of the landing page and web page performance. In addition, we go for text optimization, image optimization, and graphics optimization. These are ways to enhance your site's overall performance.

Online Appointment calender
Online Appointment:

It is a fact that you will have a lot of engagements with courts and other law agencies to carry out your profession. So, we integrate online appointment applications that can help you create a schedule for clients and others. Integration of a calendar app also allows your online appointment module.

Frequently Ask Questions

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

What is the purpose of a law firm website?

The law firm’s website has multiple purposes:

  •  Share information about who you are.
  •  Showcase your service areas.
  •  Show the way your potential clients reach those services.
What are the most important elements your law firm website design needs to function properly?

Those elements are:

  •  Easy navigation
  •  Clean sitemap
  •  Low scroll
  •  Search function
  •  Responsive web design, etc.
What are accessibility best practices to access your attorney's website?

The common accessibility practices are under the hood of ADA compliant, such as:

  •  Use the Alt tag for all images.
  •  Use headers.
  •  Use captions for all video content.
  •  Add the skip navigation feature to your website.
What are the law firm's website design principles?

Here are some great law web design principles, such as:

  •  Simplicity
  •  Easy and comprehensive navigation
  •  F-pattern in your design
  •  Readability
  •  Branding
How can a well-designed website help a lawyer/s?

A well-designed website can help a lawyer in the following ways:

  •  Offers contact and communication.
  •  Build credibility and trust.
  •  Promote the services and branding.
  •  Bring organic traffic
  •  Nurturing interest
  •  Help in making better marketing decisions.

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