Custom Healthcare Website Design.

RP UXCollab follows the best healthcare industry practices.

RP UXCollab is a renowned Healthcare Website Design Agency in the USA. Our web designers and developers have knacks to justify different industry verticals, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Nurses
  • Medical practitioners
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical insurance
  • Pharmaceutical-elated services

Website Design for Healthcare Industry That Brings High ROI.

Revival Pixel for All Segments.

Revival Pixel is a healthcare web design and web development company. We know creating a healthcare website is a challenge in itself. Despite this, we try to follow the best healthcare industry practices in our endeavors, including:

Easy Navigation
Simple Navigation

We know how important it is to find desired content quickly for a patient on a healthcare website. Therefore, we have created a straightforward information architecture that leads patients to their destination with one or two clicks, not more than that. Moreover, we remove all possible distractions from the patient journey.

Photo Realistic Images
High Photo Quality

Rich and colorful photography creates a great impression when using them beneath the fold. You can use dynamic images in the carousel and easily engage website visitors.

Meeting Expectations
Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is vital. You will have online scheduling software integrated with your website. Calendar and other scheduling features can help your patients to book their appointment automatically without picking up a call. The integrated online scheduling app also helps you cancel and modify your schedule.

Easy Search
Quick Search

The on-site search feature is a blessing for patients who want to find the required information quickly without traversing a navigation journey. We provide a robust search that filters information based on industry-standard criteria and categories, such as services, industry news, and industry events.

Location, Location, & Location

Your location is vital for your patients. Therefore, you will find the integration of location technologies, such as Maps and Directions. Thus, your patients can find you quickly and accurately.

Online Appointment
Medical Info Delivery

We enable your website to deliver critical medical info, including health conditions, diseases, and treatments. We also show listings of various health issues and consultants or doctors who can attend them in your institution. We also provide featured areas for expert opinions on contemporary issues.

Accessibility Compliance

We design and build your healthcare website keeping WCAG 2.0 AA compliance in mind. So, you will find large and high contrast fonts and images with Alt tags. In addition, we make keyboard navigation easy for accessibility-deprived patients who want to surf your website.

Useful Integration
Awesome Support

Your patients may have inquiries, and they can expect a quick response from your side. In due course, we create FAQ pages and integrate Chatbot-like automated responding software with your online chat system. It will reduce a lot of burdens on the manual support team and increase their efficiency.

Embed Walkthrough
Multimedia Content

Storytelling videos and animations are great tools to engage, convince, and convert healthcare patients. In addition, you can provide facility tours, pre, and post-treatment visual content, and treatment videos to help you prepare patients mentally to receive your services.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Modern Healthcare Website Design for Modern Technologies.

Increase your reach to your patients.

Our prime motto is to enhance your visibility and reach the right patients by offering indispensable tools on your website. Therefore, we focus on the following criteria to optimize your website for a better reach:

Data Security
Website Security

We take care of your data and possible transactions through your website by providing HIPAA compliant online forms and SSL certificates and following the best security practices prevailing on the web.

Clear Location Detail

Just like your contact details, your location details are important to get directions. So, we integrate maps and furnish your address and landmarks to get virtual direction using Google or other services.


An interactive blog serves many purposes: it lets you furnish an insight into your business, acknowledge your services, and boost your ranking. So, we always integrate CMS-powered blogs into your website.

Mobile friendly
Responsive Web Design

Today, mobile devices are handy for every patient. They use it for their every need, including searching for healthcare services and contacting them. So, we make your website with responsive web design and its best practices.

Team Info
Doctors’ Profiles

The healthcare service provider profile is important for the patients because it gives clues regarding their experience and expertise in desired fields. So, we provide profiles of doctors, nurses, and their assistants on individual web pages.

Healthcare Calculator

An active client always looks into the pricing before accepting your services. A cost calculator in a simple module can work better, and we offer integration of the healthcare calculator with your website.

Online Appointment
Accessible Contact Detail

It is possible that your patients are in an emergency and in a hurry to find your immediate contact details like your phone call. So, highlight your contact details on your website and ease your accessibility.

CMS-based Solution
Simple Insurance Plan- related Details

Insurance is a key factor behind the selection of healthcare services. Therefore, we prioritize insurance plan-related details in our website design and allocate appropriate space to them. So, patients can know what insurance plans are accepted.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

What are three-five characteristics and qualities of a good healthcare website

The followings are five characteristics and qualities of a good health website:

  • Website speed
  • Easy to digest info/content
  • High-quality and professional imaginary
  • Simple navigation
  • Best SEO practices
What should a healthcare website include?

The following must-haves for your healthcare websites:

  • Responsive web design
  • Security
  • Easy access to contact details
  • Clear location
  • Info regarding service providers
  • Insurance details
  • Updated listings
Why are websites important for the healthcare industry?

The followings are obvious benefits of a website in the healthcare industry:

  • First, the website offers an around-the-clock presence.
  • Second, the website provides tools to facilitate information exchanges.
  • Finally, the website gives you professional credibility.
Why is Revival pixel better than others in the industry?

Revival Pixel has an expert and experienced team to create a healthcare website. The team is famous for its UI design and functional website design for a variety of niches.

How can you deliver a cost-effective website in the healthcare industry?

It is true that we never compromise with quality, but we try our best to achieve cost efficiency. Our expertise in website development using HubSpot and Webflow-like platforms enable us to create a quality website quickly and within resources available within platforms.

So, Healthcare Professionals, Are You Ready for a Website that Makes Sense for Your Profession?

Revival Pixel is a destination where we treat healthcare professionals to get a sumptuous web design that meets their profession-specific requirements beautifully.

Start growing your business with us

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