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RP UXCollab to help you in managing your fitness business.

RP UXCollab is an expert fitness website design company in the USA. The first goal of RP UXCollab is to help clients manage their fitness business by creating out-of-box fitness website solutions. Our fitness website serves some fundamental purposes, including:

  • A fitness website lets you introduce yourself.
  • A fitness website lets you display your certifications.
  • A fitness website lets you showcase your skills in the fitness niche.

Why Do You Opt for An Incredible Gym Web Design Company?

Revival Pixel offers incredible gym website design services.
Revival Pixel is an incredible gym web design company in the USA. We say it is incredible because it delivers the following outstanding characteristics in your fitness website design projects.

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Illustrate Benefits:

Clients want better health, strong bodies, and fuller curves. We design your website keeping these points in mind and give you ample scope to illustrate the ultimate benefits of your fitness business in the clientele's lives. Be it texts; be it images; be it videos.

Target Audience Understanding
Fitness Trainer Photos:

We can depict your team of fitness trainers as living humans with emotions and enthusiasm to make a difference in your fitness through their services and products.


Informative blogs have significant value in fitness business marketing. Moreover, the high ranking of your blog can bring more traffic and have SEO benefits. Therefore, we integrate SEO-optimized blogs with your website.

Referral Pages
Irresistible Incentives:

In the website design, we create space to show irresistible incentives. There are many ways to display your offers' ads on your website that illustrate you as a solution to clients' problems.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Reviews and testimonials left by your past/previous clients have tremendous impacts on your prospective clients. Therefore, we include them in a separate section or page and make it more effective by placing their contact details and, if possible, images along with them.

Online Appointment calender
Fitness Class Schedule and Booking:

We allow fitness lovers to book their place in your fitness class and schedule their training using tools integrated with your website. But, of course, it would help if you don't go elsewhere.

Before & After Comparison
Before & After Comparison:

Photos of clients taken before and after your services/products have been taken can help you a lot. Such comparison images become proof/evidence of your services or products in the fitness industry.

Website Accessibility:

We live in the social equality era where access to your website for the disabled is an important issue. To comply with the ADA act and international WCAG 2.0 AA standards, we create a website keeping accessibility in mind.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

Revival Pixel: Your Fitness Website Design Company

Revival Pixel is your fitness website design company in the USA. We have a proven track record of giving our clientele in the fitness industry success using our web design skills. Our success attributes are:

Location & Contact Info:

Your location is important for fitness service seekers. They will search the area in their vicinity. To give precise location and direction, we integrate location Maps services. Similarly, we provide details of your contact info, including your phone number and email address.

Easy Search
Quick Search:

Having an in-site search facility means a lot for your tech-savvy patrons who love to run a quick search and find their desired content with the least effort.

Data Security

Today, security has paramount importance. So, we take every possible measure to make your website secure from threats and vulnerability. Use of encryption technology, scanning and monitoring software installation, and following security standards are our ways to mitigate security issues.

Effective CTAs
Effective CTAs:

Design effective CTAs demand some expertise, and fortunately, we have it. We give ample white spaces to your website CTAs and prefer contrasting colors to make it outstanding among other content and UI elements.

Mobile friendly
Responsive Web Design:

We are living in a mobile era. Therefore, we create mobile-friendly websites for your fitness business or products. We used to adopt a responsive web design strategy and make the website accessible on all screens, devices, and browsers with complete compatibility.

Social Media
Social Media Integration:

Your content en route to social media will have great visibility. Therefore, we integrate social networking sites with your web pages and offer an opportunity for your visitors to share your content in their social circle.

Custom Calculator:

A custom cost calculator is a significant aid in your fitness business. So, we develop and integrate a custom calculator for your fitness website and facilitate your prospects to compute ballpark costs of your services before making any decision.

Online Payment
Quick Payment:

Everyone loves simple and quick online payments. So, we integrate different payment methods and payment gateways into your fitness websites.

Fast Loading
Fast Page Loading:

Design optimization and image optimization are ways to enhance page loading speed. So, we carry out all optimizations and use the latest techniques, technologies, and tools in due course. It also speeds up interactions on the user interface and smooths the user flow.

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation:

We design and develop easy and comprehensive navigation schemes to facilitate your customers using your fitness websites. Simple content architecture offers convenience in finding desired content for your visitors with a few clicks.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

Why do you need a website for your fitness business?

Fitness websites serve the following purposes:

  •  Give your fitness business an online presence.
  •  Enhance your ROI and credibility.
  •  Customers always expect a website for the fitness business.
  •  Get ranking hence traffic.
  •  Great member experience.
What do you need to create an effective fitness website?

Here are some fundamental elements that make the fitness website effective:

  1. Location and contact info.
  2. Reviews and testimonials.
  3. Mobile-friendly and intuitive UI.
  4. Member management portal.
  5. Fitness class schedule and booking.
  6. Live stream and on-demand class.
How do you attract customers to your gym or fitness business?

There are some effective ways to attract customers to your gym or fitness business.

  1. You should partner up with local corporate companies for fitness programs.
  2. Offer your customers remote classes for fitness or gym.
  3. The incentive to seniors.
  4. Diversify your trainers.
  5. Involve in community.
  6. Offer allied services to fitness businesses.
  7. Inspire customers on a daily basis.
How do I market my gym or fitness business?

The best way is to create a gym or fitness business website. If you are selling products, an ecommerce website is the best way to do so. You can promote your website’s content on the web easily.

How do I promote my gym or fitness business on social media sites?

The first step is that you should have your/own website. Then, you can create content for your website and promote them on social media networking sites.

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