Website Design for Dentists

RP UXCollab wins smiles.

RP UXCollab knows how to motivate patients to pick up their mobiles and book an appointment with you. We have knacks to win the smile market with a robust website design for dentists.

So, we uniquely showcase your dental practice and compel patients to say, “You’re my dentist!”

In short,

  • We create smile-winner websites for dentists that bring traffic.
  • We create engagements in our web design.
  • We achieve high conversion by providing the best patient experience.

Custom Dental Website Design to Meet Your Profession-specific Requirements

Know our noble goals to hit through your dental website design.

We used to work with some noble goals while working on your dental website design project. So, we have listed below some goals to include on your website in due course.

Easy Search
Boost Your Website Traffic

We believe in bringing natural web traffic to your website that can sustain for longer than ads. Therefore, we design SEO-friendly and social media-friendly websites with strong fundamentals.

Beat Your Competition
Beat Your Competition

By integrating Chatbot and other AI-powered tools in your dental website design, you will stay ahead of the competition. You can cover a vast audience through our mobile-friendly and responsive web design.

Dental Cost Calculator

Dental cost calculator provide a ballpark estimation of cost for common dental care needs. It ultimately assists in getting clues about the budget. It is working based on your inputs.

Online Appointment
Business Information

For a patient, your opening hours, location, and contact details are important. So, your website will show this business information above the fold and the important location of your website and its pages.

Embed Walkthrough
Enhance Your Conversion

We know educating dental patients means removing their fears and phobias. We do so by using the latest education tools and tactics, such as audio and videos, along with accurate photography and animations.

Useful Integration
Professional Support

You will find our team available round the clock to mitigate your issues or attend to your emergency in your accountant website design. Our response time is lesser than you anticipate. You can select any of our maintenance plans and get your website going smoothly.


Your website must accessible to all, irrespective of their disabilities. Our team will provide you with ADA (American Disability Act) & WCAG 2.1 compliant websites.

Meeting Expectations
Your Patient Management

We provide tools to help patient management, including booking appointments, location maps to get direction, and listings for various services that a patient needs.


Location is important for your dental patients to find you quickly and accurately. Therefore, integration of the location Map with your website serves your patients deliberately. Google Map-like services are interactive and give you complete direction with an estimated duration to reach you fast.

Online Payment
Online Payment

Online payment is highly convenient, and most of us prefer it. Therefore, your website will have integrated various online payment methods and different payment gateways based on your regional choices.


We build impactful UX design and branding for product-led companies around the world.

We Help You Create a Professional Dental Website

Our eye-catchy offerings in your dental website design

Our intention is pure: help you. Our useful offerings help you in attaining a professional dental website. Let’s see what can work in your case:

Embed Walkthrough
Latest Tools

The latest tools in your dental website design can help you a lot, such as a smile gallery, educational videos, case studies, interactive animation, ratings, and reviews to build trust.

Data Security
Stringent Security

You can take all security measures to keep patient data secure online by maintaining high-security standards and using encryption technologies.

Effective CTAs
Conversation-friendly Landing Pages

Your conversion rate is important for us. So, you can find conversion-friendly landing pages with effective titles, images, texts, and CTA for your dental website.

Online Appointment calender
Ease Waiting Period

You can ease the waiting period of patients by providing visual tools on the website to prepare patients psychologically for the treatment.

Meeting Expectations
Useful Services

We offer useful services on your website, such as appointment booking to save time, a location map to get directions, and show clinic time to schedule the appointment.

Photo Realistic Images
Patient-photo Gallery

In the dental industry, patients’ smiles are important. You can place a photo gallery of cured patients with photos before treatment and after treatment. Such comparative photos give a deep impression on the minds of patients, and they will believe you are an expert dentist.

Team Info
Showcase Profiles

You can showcase detailed profiles of chief dentists and their assistance on the website and academic records and certification.

CMS-based Solution

We integrate blogs to provide additional details, updates, and announcements. Blogs also help you in getting ranking in the SERPs

Clear Contetnt
High-tech Competency

You will find your website high-tech and competent with the integration of various technologies, such as payment gateways, CRM, location-based technologies, and process automation tools.

Questions that You Ask Us Frequently

We enthusiastically work on creating a mesmerizing user- experience.

What kinds of specialty-specific designs do you offer for dental website design?

We offer the following types of specialty-specific design in the dentistry niche:

  • Multi-Specialty
  • General Dentistry
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Pediatric, or Prosthodontics
How do you manage appointment schedules through dental website design?

We let your dentistry patients do the following activities to manage an appointment.

  • Online appointment booking
  • Booking cancellation
  • Booking confirmation
  • Booking change
How do you increase the patient satisfaction rate on my dental website?

We offer high-tech competency in your dental website design through the following tools:

  • Integration of location-based technologies
  • Integration of the latest payment methods and payment gateways
  • Integration of CRM and other automation tools for effective patient management
What makes a great dental website?

When a dental website is designed by the professionals like Revival Pixel, it proves useful at first hand and futuristic on the other hand. It must include all accessibility features and functionality incorporating the best SEO practices.

How can I make my dental website more effective than others?

If your website is loaded with adequate marketing tools, you can beat your competitors easily and capture more leads. Besides this, you must have enough features and functionality to help a dentist in their profession. Your website must be user-friendly and secure. It must let you engage with your patients and reflect the uniqueness of your practice.

So, Hey Dentists, Are You Ready for a Website that Makes Sense for Your Profession?

Revival Pixel is a destination where a dentist can get an eloquent web design that matches all your professional needs at once.

Start growing your business with us

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