UX/UI Design Cost: Is it Worth Paying More?


UX UI Design Cost Is it Worth Paying More

In the digital era, it is important for every business to increase the online presence of their brand through websites and mobile apps. When it comes to websites and apps, most companies focus on attractive interfaces and engaging content. However, what they miss out on is the UI/UX design.

But the design of your website and mobile applications plays an important role in enhancing the satisfaction and user experience of the customers. About 88 percent of online consumers report that they would not return to a site that offers them a bad user experience. That speaks a lot about the importance of UI/UX design.

However, there is still a lot of confusion among the businesses as to whether they should invest more in UI/UX design or not. If you have the same doubt, the answer is obviously a ‘Yes.’

Here are some of the top reasons why you must start investing more in the design of your application.


Enhances the Overall Look and Feel of the App

In the competitive world, more and more apps are getting launched every year. Making your app stand out in the crowd can be quite challenging in such a situation. In order to ensure that your application has an exceptional look and feel along with a memorable user experience, you must be ready to spend more on the UI/UX design.

With more investment, you can easily enhance the visual aesthetics of the application. This, in turn, will make your application more pleasing for the target audience and attract more customers. It increases the chances of customers liking your application. With an original and detailed look, your app is sure to engage the customers better.


Increases Sales

Investing more in the UI/UX design can actually provide you with higher returns in the long run through greater sales. Many companies struggle to increase the sales of their business and focus all their efforts on marketing. However, working on the design can be a simple way to grow your sales.

Studies show that companies investing in designing have witnessed a significant increase in their sales in comparison to the others in the industry. When you invest in designing your app, your customers can easily navigate through it and find what they are looking for. It prevents them from getting frustrated and ensures better engagement.

When your customers find the desired products easily, they are sure to purchase them, thereby growing your sales. Moreover, owing to the smooth and delightful experience they have, they are likely to recommend your app to other people. This, in turn, creates more opportunities for sales for your business.


Reduces Bounce Rates

Many companies experience a high bounce rate, and one of the prominent reasons behind it is the lack of an appealing UI/UX design. When people do not find your application or site attractive, or if your app doesn’t provide them with the desired user experience, they are likely to abandon your app.

It will not only prevent potential customers from going down the sales funnel but also affect the image of your brand. In order to lower bounce rates, one of the best ways is to invest more in UI/UX design.

With an eye-catchy design, it is easy to retain the users of your app. It will ensure that they spend more time on your application and engage with your brand better.


Better Reviews

Every business wants to get positive reviews from its customers. However, it is not an easy task. In order to get good reviews, you need to provide your customers with the best. Spending more on the UI/UX design can help you get better reviews very easily.

The polished and attractive look of your application can impress your customers. This, in turn, may encourage them to leave a positive review for your brand. Positive reviews from your real customers can add credibility to your brand and provide you with greater value. Moreover, it can also serve as a marketing tool and promote your business better.

On the other hand, an unimpressive look of your app may compel customers to leave a negative review of your business. It is likely to have a significant impact on the reputation and sales of your company. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure to spend more on designing your app.


Decreases Acquisition Costs

Businesses spend a lot on advertising in order to acquire new customers while retaining the existing ones. However, if you want to cut down your advertising spend, investing more in the UI/UX design can be an ideal option.

A good user experience can serve as the best advertisement for your business. The users who have had a good experience with your application will certainly suggest it to their friends and family members.

They may even take to social media and talk about all good things as well as share your app. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for the growth and success of your business. It ensures that you will have to spend less on the marketing channels. However, you will be converting more customers.


Avoids Expensive Redesigns

When you do not spend more on the UI/UX design, you are likely to come across a number of reworks in the long run. Every time you try to fix some errors, you are going to incur significant costs. This can add up your overall costs and make it an expensive affair for you. Moreover, at times, there are even chances of project failures due to a lack of proper designs.

In order to avoid all such situations, the key is to spend a little extra on UI/UX design. When you follow a proper approach to UI design with design experts like RP UXCollab, your designs get tested at an early stage, and changes are made in the prototyping stage. This proves to be a lot cheaper and can help you save a lot of money. It ensures fewer bug fixes and reworks after the launch of your app.

In addition to money, it can also save the valuable time of your business.


Enhances Brand Reputation

Spending more on the designing of your applications is likely to promote you as a brand that focuses on the needs of the customers. When customers feel that your app is appealing and is simple to use and interact with, it can make a good impression in the minds of the customers. This, in turn, can enhance your brand image significantly.



Are you wondering what the cost of UI/UX design is? Well, there is no fixed cost. The price actually depends on a number of factors. The prominent factors that will determine the cost of designing your app are the complexity of the project, timeline, expected functionality, and testing needs.

Moreover, the experience of the design expert will also affect the overall cost. Now that you know the importance of UI and UX design, make them a priority while developing apps. If you are looking for quality design, be ready to spend some extra bucks. Collaborate with the best design professionals and design exceptional apps to delight your users.


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