How Much Does it Cost to Design An App?


How Much Does it Cost to Design An App?

Technology is evolving, and mobile devices are becoming the ultimate solution for all the needs of people. It is quite hard to imagine a life without smartphones and mobile devices. In recent times, more people have spent the maximum of their time on different mobile applications.

In 2020, about 218 billion mobile apps were downloaded by consumers. Whether you want to chat with someone or shop something online, apps are what you will require. In order to provide users with the best experiences, developers are focusing on creating innovative applications that function without any disruption.

However, did you know that about 25 percent of mobile applications get uninstalled after their first launch? What could be the reason for that? Well, one of the main reasons is the lack of a suitable UX/UI design. Creating the perfect UX/UI design takes a lot of time, effort, knowledge, and creativity. If you want to know how much does it cost to design an app, continue reading to get a better idea.


Process of App Design

Are you curious about the cost of designing an application? Estimating the cost is challenging without understanding the app development process. Therefore, let’s explore the steps involved in designing an application.



It all begins with research. The designers invest a great deal of time in researching and determining what they actually have to create. At the initial stage, the business analyst, project manager, and UX/UI designer work in a collaborative way to understand the specific requirements of the clients.

They study the market, examine documentation, and accordingly come up with an appropriate product strategy. At the end of the research, the UX/UI designer develops a user persona, including the motives as well as pain points of the users. The value proposition is also developed.

However, everything is colorless and rough. This phase may take 1 to 3 weeks time. Moreover, the cost incurred during the research period is USD 1.5k to USD 3.5k.


Conceptual Design

After research, the next thing to focus on is the UX/UI design. First, creative ideas are structured in order to create delightful experiences for the users. The design specialists focus on creating a flow diagram that displays the path individuals will be taking to use the product.

During this phase, the software’s high-level structure is designed. Subsequently, experts engage in wireframing to gain a realistic preview of the final product’s appearance. Wireframing is essentially the schematic depiction of the application, showcasing the interface elements across various pages.

At first, low-fidelity wireframes are created. It allows the UX/UI professionals to easily navigate through the software in a logical manner. When the screen composition and navigation seem to be perfect, the next step is to create high-fidelity wireframes.

High-fidelity wireframes enable UX/UI designers to fine-tune the layout, spacing, and graphics with greater precision. The creation of a wireframe helps mitigate the risk of surpassing time and budget limits, ensuring an optimal experience for end-users.

In this stage, the professionals also work on creating a prototype of the product. A prototype helps in breathing life into wireframes. A prototype is basically a live version where you can actually click on the different buttons, open menus, send forms, and much more.

The conceptual design phase may take up to 2 to 3 weeks. Moreover, the cost involved in this step ranges from USD 2.5k to USD 3.5k.


Detailed Design

Detailed design is all about providing the product with the best look and feel. The experts work on adding graphical elements and colors to the clickable prototype. In this stage, the team mainly focuses on fonts, logos, colors, icons, media, and more.

Through creative thinking, skilled experts devise methods to present various content appropriately. Utilizing tools like Figma, InVision, Illustrator, and others, designers focus on crafting user interface designs.

On completion of this step, a visual design concept is provided to the clients to get a view of the final product. In this stage, the average cost is USD 2k to USD 3k.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Application Design

Understanding the process of UI/UX design and the associated costs is crucial. The next step is to consider additional factors that influence cost. Below are some of the key factors to examine.



The first thing that affects the price is location. Many businesses consider outsourcing their UX/UI design projects and getting them done from a third-party company. In such a case, the cost will differ from country to country. The top destination for outsourcing design projects is the United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, and India.

As a matter of fact, getting the product designed in Australia and North America will cost you the highest. On the other hand, if you want to save more, getting it designed through freelance in India can be the best option.

However, if you are considering the quality-price ratio, it is better to outsource the companies in Eastern Europe.


The complexity of the Project

The complexity of the UX/UI design project is another determining factor in the price of designing software. Are you wondering how to determine the complexity? Well, it depends upon whether you are using the custom or native elements.

Different platforms have different design guidelines. In case you opt for a native design, strictly following the guidelines is important. You have to spend less time on this. However, elements such as images, icons, and buttons will possess a default look. On the other hand, custom design takes time but offers you the flexibility to get the elements a per your choice.

Moreover, you can even choose to go for a mixed style combining the custom and native elements in your UX/UI design project. The minimum cost of the simple products is USD 5k, while that of the complex ones can be USD 50k.


Number of Platforms

The variety of platforms is another key factor influencing the cost. It’s not feasible to create a universal design that fits both iOS and Android platforms perfectly. Each has its own distinct and specific requirements that must be met to give users a seamless experience and foster improved interaction.

If you desire the application to function efficiently across both platforms, the cost is likely to be twice as much.


Expertise of Designers

Not all designers have the same experience. Hiring professional experts in UX/UI designer like RP UXCollab who have vast experience and technology expertise will cost you more. On the other hand, hiring newbies in UX/UI design can reduce the overall price. However, if you want the best quality, it is always better to go with the most experienced professionals in UX/UI design.



Calculating the total cost of the UX/UI design of the mobile apps depends on various factors. The process, project complexity, location of the development, number of platforms, and experience of professionals matter the most.

Now that you know about the costs of UX/UI design, you might be wondering whether to spend more or not. If you want more users for your mobile app, spending more is essential. Work with professional experts and develop budget-friendly apps to get the best results. 

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